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Material Safety Data Sheets Course

This course will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. This training is designed for those who work with hazardous chemicals. If there are hazardous chemicals in your workplace, you need to know about the material safety data sheet (MSDS). This important document reveals the hazards of the chemicals you work with and describes the precautions you need to take to keep safe and healthy.

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Hojas de Datos de Seguridad de Materiales (Material Safety Data Sheets) Course

Esta sesión está diseñada para las personas que trabajan con sustancias químicas peligrosas. Si existen sustancias químicas peligrosas en su lugar de trabajo, debe conocer las hojas de datos de seguridad de materiales, también denominadas MSDS, por sus siglas en inglés. Este documento importante describe los peligros de las sustancias químicas con las que trabaja, así como las precauciones que debe tomar para preservar su salud y seguridad. Duración: 29 minutos

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Hazard Communication: Your Right to Know Course

The main objective of this session is to make you aware of the hazards of materials in the workplace and how to find the information you need to protect yourself and work safely. By the time this session is over, you should be able to identify the hazards of materials in your work area; interpret the hazard information on container labels; access and understand the information in material safety data sheets, or MSDSs; protect against illness and injury caused by hazardous materials; and respond effectively to emergencies involving hazardous materials. Why Training about "Hazard Communication Training - Right to Know" Matters An estimated 30 million workers are exposed or potentially exposed to more than 650,000 hazardous materials each year. Hazard Communication is a requirement of state and federal law. There is a government regulation called the Hazard Communication Standard that describes what employers must do to inform employees about process hazards. OSHA regulations for the Hazard Communication Standard may be found at 29 CFR 1910.1200. There are typically 20,000 incidents of exposure to hazardous materials annually that result in one or more lost workdays because of illnesses or injuries from these materials.

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