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My Gift Myself Hospice Vol Preview

Free preview of the comprehensive My Gift: Myself hospice volunteer training course. Based upon the popular DVD and student manual based classroom course authored by JoAnne Chitwood, RN CHPN. The course meets all state and Medicare requirements for training a hospice volunteer. Certificate will be awarded if students complete 7 chapter skill tests with 80% correct answers. Volume discounts available for hospice organizations training a number of volunteers. Course includes over 5 hours of video and more than 250 pages of training, exercises, and reference material for volunteers.

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My Gift: Myself Hospice Volunteer Course

REDUCED FROM $39.00 TO $19.95 for a limited time only See our free preview course titled "My Gift Myself Hospice Volunteer Preview". Course author is JoAnne Chitwood RN CHPN, well known author, seminar presenter, and Director of Border Mountain and Promise Productions This course is based on the highly successful My Gift: Myself DVD and classroom program training, which has been used in over 1000 hospice organizations. The program has been modified for effective online training of hospice volunteers, and meets all state and Medicare training requirements. The course includes 5.5 hours of video training, 270 pages of text material and exercises, and requires a passing score of 80% on 7 exams to have a certificate issued. Course participants download a printable pdf to use for notes and completing student exercises. The course also has a downloadable pdf with important resource information for new volunteers.

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Managed Care, Payor Sources and Medicare Conditions of Participation

This module is an overview of managed care, payor sources and Medicare conditions of participation for use in Home Health Care Training. Covered topics in this module include: Origins of Managed Care Organizations Federal Government Agencies State Government Agencies Health Maintenenance Agencies Preferred Provider Organizations Private Insurance Regulatory Compliance Accreditation Conditions of Participation for Medicare Basic Medicare Criteria Medical Equipment and Supplies Medicare Exclusions Recertification Duplication of Services Skilled versus Non-Skilled Services Place of Residence Outcome and Assessment Information Set And more.

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Planning for Persons with Disabilities Using Trusts

This webinar presentation from KenCrest Consultants features John A. Rule, partner with Miller, Turetsky, Rule, & McLennan, a Collegeville, PA, law firm. Mr. Rule specializes in estate planning for families dealing with a family member who has special needs or disabilities. In this presentation, Mr. Rule describes the use of two different types of trusts to provide financial support for the disabled family member. ISlide 1 .O {color:white; font-size:149%;} a:link {color:maroon !important;} a:active {color:#0033CC !important;} a:visited {color:#660066 !important;} <!--.sld {left:0px !important; width:6.0in !important; height:4.5in !important; font-size:103% !important;} --> Slide 1 .O {color:white; font-size:149%;} a:link {color:maroon !important;} a:active {color:#0033CC !important;} a:visited {color:#660066 !important;} <!--.sld {left:0px !important; width:6.0in !important; height:4.5in !important; font-size:103% !important;} --> n the, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan Slide 1 .O {color:white; font-size:149%;} a:link {color:maroon !important;} a:active {color:#0033CC !important;} a:visited {color:#660066 !important;} <!--.sld {left:0px !important; width:6.0in !important; height:4.5in !important; font-size:103% !important;} --> Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan

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