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Sexual Harassment Prevention in Healthcare (Course)

This brand new July 2018 produced course was made specifically for employees in the healthcare industry. The course begins with a 7 minute full HD video that explains sexual harassment in the healthcare workplace, then ends with a 15 question quiz to ensure comprehension. This simple format will get your employees through training in 15-20 minutes. The video portion delivers the information in a clear, direct, no-nonsense style. Unlike many programs on the marketplace, the course's video has a slick, modern look with brand-new footage. No cheesy acting or bad haircuts, just the facts delivered in a memorable style. The course covers: The definition of sexual harassment in the workplace Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment Hostile Environment sexual harassment Specific behaviors and conduct that contributes to a hostile work environment. Patient sexual harassment Sexual harassment from third-party workers such as contractors, delivery persons, and salespersons. Same-sex harassment Harassment at conferences, work parties and other events outside of the workplace. The Reason Person Standard Filing harassment complaints Retaliation. Prevention techniques.

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Sexual Harassment (HTML 5) Course

Every year, millions of dollars are spent defending sexual harassment lawsuits and paying damages and settlements. You should understand the kinds of conduct that can be considered harassment, the defenses available to the employer, how to prevent and punish harassing conduct, and how to document investigations and discipline. Duration: 26 minutes

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Preventing Sexual Harassment on Campus (HTML 5) Course

The main objective of this session is to inform you about sexual harassment so you can help recognize and prevent it. By the end of this session, you should be able to, recognize sexual harassment on campus, differentiate between the two main kinds of harassment, understand the different laws governing harassment against other employees and students, report incidents and cooperate in investigations of sexual harassment, and help promote and maintain a productive work and educational environment for faculty, staff, and students. Duration: 18 minutes.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in California: Training for Supervisors (AB 1825)

California law mandates that supervisors receive two hours of training every two years on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. This course meets the requirements of CA Govt. Code Sec. 12950.1, including information and practical guidance regarding state and federal laws, how to prevent, respond to, and correct sexual harassment, remedies available to persons subject to harassment, and the potential for liability. Duration: 132 minutes

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Sexual Harassment -- What Supervisors Need to Know Course

This course will take approximately 26 minutes to complete. This training presentation will provide you with the information you need to know about sexual harassment in order to help us deal with incidents and prevent future problems. At the end of this session, you will be able to understand legal and policy requirements, recognize what constitutes illegal sexual harassment, handle complaints effectively, participate in investigations, take appropriate corrective action, and promote a comfortable, productive working environment.

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Alto Acoso Sexual - Formación de los empleados (Stop Sexual Harassment - training for employees) Course

Ambiente de trabajo hostil frente a Quid Pro Quo * Ambiente de trabajo hostil contra acoso quid pro quo * ¿Qué es el acoso ambiente hostil? * Los peligros de la Internet y el correo electrónico. * 12 en el mundo real ejemplos de acoso hostil ambiente de trabajo, incluidas las normas sobre el contacto físico. * Hostilidad sobre la base de una relación anterior. El acoso de género * ¿Por qué las novatadas no se puede tolerar, y por qué no hay "igualdad de oportunidades" defensa de acoso. * Un empleado deber de cooperar con la investigación de recursos humanos. * Hostilidad basada en la orientación sexual. * El acoso por un cliente

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