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Friends and Followers- An Attorney's Ethical Use of Social Media in Tennessee

Earn 1 hour of DUAL CLE credit while Eileen Burkhalter Smith, with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, explains ethical issues dealing with social media in Tennessee. This course covers many topics that are becoming more and more pressing as the implementation of various types of social media shape the daily landscape of the contemporary practice of law.

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Personal Injury Damages in Tennessee: Where Do We Stand After Tort Reform?

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Brandon Bass, with the Law Offices of John Day in Brentwood, explains where we stand after the passage of the Civil Justice Act of 2011 capping noneconomic damages in Tennessee. Learn what issues you can expect to face in the coming years and how damages can be proven going forward so you can best serve your clients in personal injury cases.

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QDROs in Tennessee: 2013 Update

Earn .75 hour of CLE credit as James Helton shares practical tips and advice for dividing retirement plans in Tennessee. Learn how the marital portion of the pension is calculated, what the Plan Administrator requires, how gains and losses will be credited, and more.

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Medicare Secondary Payer Process: Problems, Trends, and Recent Developments

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Bryan Moseley, of Moseley & Moseley, discusses common problems and recent changes in the Medicare secondary payer process. He gives an overview of the Medicare Secondary Payer System and explains mandatory insurer reporting to the government when the interests of Medicare need to be protected. He also discusses Medicare Set Aside allocations, approvals and administration.

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Medical Proof Requirements in Personal Injury Suits: Making Your Case in Tennessee

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Laura Baker, with the Law Offices of John Day, discusses how to prove damages in personal injury cases. Topics include expert proof of causation, the more likely than not standard, pre-existing conditions, proving the effects of an injury, permanency, lost wages and earning capacity, scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering, emotional injuries, proving medical bills, the Collateral Source Rule, Medical Expense Summaries, future medical expenses, and diagnostic tests.

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