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Business Essentials: Creating a Code of Conduct (Course)

This module will take about 25 minutes to complete. Ever wonder if a certain behavior is appropriate or out of bounds? Perhaps it is appropriate in one setting, between certain people, but not appropriate in another setting. Well, wonder no more! This course will take you through the steps to determine appropriate conduct and to navigate tricky or touchy ethical situations. “To do or not to do . . . that is the question” employs application exercises and a rich multimedia process, to increase your awareness and understanding and to provide you with a guide to navigate the sometime murky waters of ethics and appropriate code of conduct.

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Business Ethics -- What Employees Need to Know Course

In every organization, an employee should be provided with an ethics policy which outlines the code of conduct and acceptable behavior. Ethical training promotes higher standards in the workplace, which benefits both the organization as well as the employee. The main objective of Ethical Behavior in the Workplace training session is to create awareness of ethical issues in business, and ensure that you always know the ethical course of action to take on the job. Through the completion of this online training course, you should be able to recognize the importance of business ethics, understand the requirements of the law and your ethics policy, identify ethical problems on the job, and make decisions reflective of your company’s standards. Duration: 24 minutes

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