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Write Better Email: Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by practicing how to write effective business emails. Users will learn email-writing strategies and best practices that they can begin using right away. Through hands-on writing exercises and a quiz, they will learn how to write business emails that avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth and gets the results they want the first time.

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Write Better Email: Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by incorporating the elements of effective email into their email writing. They'll learn what gets an email noticed, opened, read, and acted upon promptly. Through interactive exercises, they'll be able to write more effective emails using these elements.

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Write Better Email: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Course

In this course, users will find out how to save up to an hour a day by learning when it makes sense to use email and when not to use email. They'll learn about the four best uses for business email: to inform, to make requests, to answer questions, and to document. The course walks users through plenty of examples, and a quiz at the end tests what they have learned.

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Write Better Email Master Course: Learn How To Save Time, Frustration, and Get the Results You Want Course

In this course, your users will learn how to write business emails more effectively and save up to an hour a day at work. Your organization's productivity will soar with fewer back-and-forth email exchanges and email chains. Through hands-on exercises and quizzes, users will understand the principles of effective email and practice writing email that gets the results they want the first time. This master course combines three Write Better Email courses: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email

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Assertive Communication

How to communicate assertively in the workplace, as opposed to aggressively. It uses a combination of video, acting, and real-life interactive scenarios to educate the learner while entertaining!

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Write Better Email Introduction Course

Welcome to the Write Better Email series of courses, which aim to help you spend less time on email and become more productive in your work life. In this introductory course, you’ll learn the best practices that can get you the results you want with email, the first time.

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Business Communication Skills Suite: How to Communicate Effectively at Work

Simply one of the most pragmatic, down to earth, and complete courses on how to communicate better in business on the Market. Problem: Feeling tired, stressed, confused, powerless, betrayed, resentful or angry at work? Chances are not quite perfect communication has something to do with it. Poor communication in organizations is like a vampire that sucks out resources, leaving behind: Confusion, Infighting, Power games, Resentment, Back-stabbing, Misunderstanding, Micromanagement and fear, too many mistakes, turnover and hidden losses. Solution: This suite combines the published five communication courses, plus extra courses, more supporting documents and allows you to have everything you need for a complete understanding of better business communication, and you earn a certificate when you complete the course, including how to listen, respond, speak, write emails, answer the phone and write advance operational definitions. Re-energizing communication leads to: Benefits to You and Your Business Better use of resources, Lower costs, Better quality results, More collaboration less infighting and power games, Less mistakes, Less turnover, Happier co-workers and customers, More profit. How it Works: Delivered in bite-sized pieces, covering active listening, reflective and directive responding, speaking and writing more effectively through attractive, lively online video, rich documents, and carefully constructed exercises to help you overcome communication problems, understand, and be understood. Act Now! Start taking the course now, to learn better business communication skills, for a more productive work life... not empty promises but based on my many years of experience, managing and helping people manage better.

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How to Eliminate Mistakes with Operational Definitions

The Problem Communication problems lurk in the shadows, like a vampire, sucking out resources, bleeding companies dry. Long hours working under high stress, uncertain if what needs to be done is being done the way it should be done, the way you want it done, can erupt into anger and frustration when your worst fears happen. Misunderstanding leads to things not being done as they should be, which leads to recurring problems, too many returns, and heart breaking defects. Time, money and precious resources wasted, hurt your profit, cultivate fear, promote infighting, and disappoints customers. About the only happy people are your competitors! The Solution: Put a stake in the hear of the vampire! Take this course to learn how to get real control, to manage with confidence, and have time left to focus on what matters: pride in the work done and enjoyment of working in a great team making money.. How it Works: With attractive video, and the latest in virtual teaching methods, including supporting documents and exercises, in less that a couple of hours of work you will have the knowledge you need to put into practise what Dr. Walter Shewhart, the founder of statistical process control, calls his greatest contribution in his work at the original AT&T. The use of operational definitions is perhaps the most important key in the explosion of high quality manufacturing from 1930 to the present day, and remains little known, despite its success. Based in Industrial Engineering and Experimental Design, carefully adapted and taught in this course for people like you, and me, who may not be in high speed high tech production, but sure could use some help in being more productive, having fewer mistakes, defects and returns and keeping customers satisfied. Act Now! Click the button to the right, right now, to learn better dialogue skills, for a more productive work life. Or, move up to the complete bundle: “How to Communicate Effectively in Business” to earn a business communicator certificate.

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Dialogue Takes More Than Just Two

The Problem "Communication problems lurk in the shadows, like a vampire, sucking out resources, bleeding companies dry through: • too many tense meetings that go nowhere, • infighting and resentment, • lack of control, • frequent misunderstandings, • mistakes, turnover and losses." People aren’t getting what you tell them. Too much time is lost. You see no way out. You hear nothing but back talk, or silence. You feel bottled up, frustrated; not in control. The Solution: Put a stake in the hear of the vampire! Master the skills of productive dialogue. Take this course to learn everything you need to know about the • Hidden dynamics of dialogue. • Why a dialogue may have more than just two; • Inner voices and outer influences, • And what you can do about it. • With exercises" How's it Work? The course consists of attractive videos, a little backup material and an exercise. I have taught it, and it has proven incredibly effective from the countryside of Mexico to the urban offices of San Francisco, and in between. It should take you no more than an hour. Benefits to you? When done you will know all you need to start leading better dialogues, so you can apply your time, energy and money to what matters: adding real value for customers, so they buy more. Act Now! Click the button to the right, right now, to learn better dialogue skills, for a more productive work life. Or, move up to the complete bundle: “How to Communicate Effectively in Business” and earn a business communicator certificate.

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How to Communicate Effectively on the Telephone and in Writing

Problem: Does it sometimes feel like the people that work with, or for you, are working against you? At work, do you suffer through long trailing emails to find the needle in the haystack; or get abrupt and unexpected responses; repeated misunderstanding, miscues, and people retreating into their shell, rather than saying what they honestly see, think or feel? Are you working in message, email and phone overlaod? You are not alone! Unnecesary or confusing communication can undermine the ability of a company to operate, leading to crucial mistakes, political infighting, hidden losses , unhappy customers and lost profit. Solution: Learn the secrets to effective written business communication and on the phone through this amazing course. Replace suspicion and confusion with great communication skills, and rebuild confidence and team spirit in your team. Benefits to You: Less time wated on communication problems. More understanding and less interruptions, Tthe information you need do your job found easily, and sharing important ideas with confidence they will be understood. A culture of calm, assertive dialogue and respect for everyone’s time leads to a more enjoyable, productive work place, where people can focus on their jobs, do better work, and work together as a team to make more money. How it Works: With attractive videos and a little reading material, in an hour or two you will be ready to start applying what you have learned so you can master it, and move quickly towards happier, more satisfied customers and more profit. Act Now! Click the button to the right and start taking the course now, to learn better business communication skills, for a more productive worklife.

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How to ListenSpeak™

The Problem: You find yourself and others raising their voices in exasperation, repeating "I SAID.... WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?" Orders are misunderstood, mistakes happen, people's feelings get hurt and you don't know why. Too much time and energy is spent on repeating things. The Solution: ListenSpeak™ Imagine knowing how to communicate verbally with just about anyone, confident that the meaning, what you want to say, is what is understood. Listenspeak™ is the discipline of keeping whom you are talking to in mind as you talk with them; after all, it’s what they heard, not what you meant to say that matters. It is simple in theory, but hard to master, particularly when things get intense. ListenSpeak™ is the partner to Active Listening; mastering the two will go a long way towards becoming a more effective manager. This Course is For: Everyone, or anyone that has to communicate with others on the job, or at home. In an entertaining and attractive video, carefully crafted exercizes and support materials, you will learn what you need to re-energize your verbal communication skills. All that will be left is to practise. You Will Need: To pay attention, do the exercizes, which will require two other people. If there is no one else at your company who has taken or is taking the course, contact me, and I'll put you on the list for matching online partners, using audio and a webcam. The course itself will take half an hour to an hour to watch and read, plus another hour or more of practice. When You Complete the Course Successfully: You will know how to ListenSpeak™ and will be fully understood. Lots of work to learn, but amazingly less work trying to communicate, once you master it.

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