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Ethics Made Simple Course

This workplace ethics course focuses on the specific behaviors that are unethical in the workplace and delivers them in a direct, no-nonsense style that will let your employees know what is unacceptable in every workplace. The theft of workplace resources such as office supplies and photo copies. Stealing merchandise from warehouses or retail locations. Infringing on patents or copyrights. Stealing credit for work done by co-workers. Inflating time worked or business expenses, or falsifying pay records. Employees working less than capable. Socializing during work hours. Social media use during work hours. Falsifying company documents to pass inspections. Lying to or misleading customers. Falsifying the results of research and development. Over-promising results. Destroying or hiding sensitive company documents and emails Violating anti-trust laws. Manipulating financial data. Breaking safety rules or procedures. Violating insider trading laws. Sharing or viewing confidential patient, employee or customer data with approval. Gossiping or spreading rumors. Verbal intimidation. Menacing co-workers, customers, vendors, or other work associates. Sexual Harassment or discrimination. Offering, giving or accepting bribes. Breaking FCPA laws. The consequences of ethical violations.  The course includes a full HD video and an employee quiz.

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Ethics and Professionalism: The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege in Tennessee

Earn 1 hour of DUAL CLE credit as Todd Presnell, with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, explains how to master the challenges of maintaining the attorney-client privilege in Tennessee and gain useful practice tips that you can put to use immediately. Topics include the corporate attorney-client privilege, in-house counsel, privileges and conflicts of law, and contractual choice of law provisions.

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Ethical Pitfalls: The Attorney's Use of Technology & Social Media

You will want to take advantage of this opportunity to hear Marisa Lee Combs discuss the pros and cons of using Internet technology and social media in your legal practice. Ms Combs is an associate in the Nashville office of Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop. She practices in the areas of construction law and litigation. Earn 1.25 CLE credits and find out how to avoid costly mistakes through the proper use of current electronic resources.

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Ethical Considerations When Deciding Whether to Accept Representation

Earn 1.5 hours of DUAL CLE credit with Rebecca Blair, a leading plaintiff attorney in Tennessee. During this 90-minute course, your speaker will discuss a number of ethical, business, and practical considerations that come into play when deciding whether to accept a case. Highlights include: recent amendments to Tennessee's Rules of Professional Conduct, ethical concerns, duties to prospective clients, diligence, conflicts of interest, business considerations, and practical considerations.

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Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making

Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making training program is about attacking problems and making timely decisions which will help solve problems at your workplace. The skills and processes taught in this online training course can bring value to your company, as well as other aspects of life. On completion of this training, a candidate will be able to: Identify problems and their root causes Use multiple problem-solving models. Create a problem statement Develop strategies to monitor and verify the solution Build a communication plan This training course: Outlines common decision making traps and how to avoid them. Reviews several techniques for improving critical thinking.

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