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Electrical Safety - Unqualified Worker Course

This course will take approximately 19 minutes to complete. This training session will discuss the hazards of electricity and how to prevent exposure to electrical hazards. By the end of the training session, you will be able to understand the hazards of electricity, identify and avoid common electrical hazards, and follow safe work practices around electrical equipment. Why Training about "Electrical Safety Training for Unqualified Workers" Matters We've all experienced minor electric shocks, but shocks can be severe enough to kill. Careless use of electricity causes 10 percent of job-related deaths, as well as many serious injuries. Electrical shock can cause pain, loss of muscle control and coordination, internal bleeding, damage to nerves, muscles, or tissues, and cardiac arrest. It could also cause you to fall and be injured. OSHA has very detailed regulations designed to keep electricity from becoming a dangerous hazard (29 CFR, Subpart S, 1910.301 to 1910.399).

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