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Performance Management and Development Toolkit

This set of e-learning courseware will solve some of the most common performance management, performance review and development headaches. Turn the one time per year discussions into on-going discussions. Create valuable annual reviews driving development resulting in more motivated employees.

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Performance Evaluations (HTML 5) Course

Performance evaluations often become evidence in court cases, and evaluations that don't measure up are especially damaging to an employer's case. That's why you need to understand the importance of evaluating your employees, and you need to know the best ways to provide feedback. Duration: 30 minutes

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Change Management (Course)

Originally Presented: May 7, 2015 Course Length: 1.5 Hours Course Credit Hours: 1.5 PDHs Moderator: Maj Matthew Altman Speaker: Terri Hurley Planning for Change, Motivating, Persuading and Responding to Potential The world is changing and is changing faster than ever before. Responding to change requires a continuous change program where the company can constantly and dynamically adapt. Alternatively, an organization may need to go through a major change program periodically to remain competitive and/or current. People in charge of a change management progress must consider a variety of areas such as organizational change, persuasion, how to communicate the need for change, how to gain momentum, how to overcome resistance to change and how to deal with powerful resisting stakeholders to succeed. This course is designed to help participants familiarize themselves with these topics so they can be prepared to handle them when designing or executing change management. By the end of this course attendees will be able to: • Understand why some organizations fail in change management • Understand how people handle change and why their reactions matter • Plan stages of a change process and increase the likelihood of success by adhering to proven principles of change management • Understand why people are afraid of change and use behavioral techniques to overcome their resistance to change • Identify skill gaps and required infrastructural changes through a structured approach • Evaluate people’s performance and use coaching and mentoring to motivate them towards change • Use various tools to identify areas to focus on the most and brainstorm ideas on how to move the change process forward

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Measuring Job Performance - What Supervisors Need to Know Course

This course will take approximately 29 minutes to complete. All companies evaluate employees. But, too often this evaluation is done without evidence or data by relying on impressions, incomplete observations, or even hearsay. In fact, experts in employee evaluation and human resources will tell you that a job performance appraisal system is only as good as the data on which it is based. That’s why this training session focuses on the crucial supervisory skill of measuring job performance.

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