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Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace Course

In this course, Active Shooter ALERT: Staying Safe in the Workplace, we will cover the statistics on Private and Government Sector shootings, define the term, Workplace Violence, analyze the WHY behind workplace shootings, and the after effect of workplace shootings on an individual, as well as provide employers and employees with tips for staying safe in these frightful, yet real situations.

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Identifying Security Threats and Patterns Course

The need for careful security planning is clearly the most critical in prevention, being prepared and quick response.  Since we are faced with the likelihood of intentionally caused events, which threatens the society as a whole, the need for security planning is essential.   Effective security planning begins with, and continually considers, risk as a means to guide actions and make effective use of resources.   We must be careful to recognize that, while the visible trappings of physical security may portray an illusion of safety,  a careful analysis of the lesser-known elements of vulnerability, consequence, and threat are arguably more important if we are going to achieve a truly secure environment.

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