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A Leaders Guide to Decision Making Course

Sometimes choices are tough. We second guess our decisions, or stall making one to start with. In this Effective Leader’s Guide for making decisions, learn the steps to make more strategic choices and feel comfortable with the decisions you have made. Using application exercises and a rich multimedia process you will soon be more comfortable in your own skin, and more effective with your choices by applying what you have learned in this foundational online course.   This training course will take about 30 minutes to complete and includes:   Know Your Values Identify Your Priorities Gather Information Determine the Options Go With Your Gut Commit and Move Forward Evaluate Course Summary and Test

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Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians

Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians Online Training Course is designed for general employees to make them familiar with electrical hazards and help prevent common electrical injuries. This online training course provides valuable information which helps protect an employee on and off duty.   The topics that will be covered in this training course are: Basic Electrical Terms and Definitions Common Electrical Hazards Safety Practices to Prevent Injury   Included are several brief re-enactments of electrical mishaps. These will be reviewed to determine the primary contributing factors and to identify safe work practices that would prevent the mishap. The online training course also includes short interviews with people who have actually experienced electrical mishaps which will help reinforce the safety message.

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Effective Communication For Employees: Refresher (HTML 5) Course

Effective Communication for Employees training course helps an employee understand how solid communication skills can improve working relationships, productivity, and career growth. This refresher online course will give you the main points to remember about effective communication. For complete information, be sure to take the full-length course.   Following modules are covered under this online program: Importance of effective communication Key points to being a more effective speaker and writer Key points to being a more effective and active listener and reader Importance of making a connection in communication Importance of body language Ways to deal with disagreements and anger   Duration: 7 minutes.

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E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees (HTML 5) Course

Emails are the best way of communication when it comes to sending information quickly. The objective of this online training course is to help trainees make the most efficient use of electronic correspondence.   At the end of this training session, trainees will be able to understand: Email policy How to manage e-mail volume and storage effectively How to present a professional image in e-mail How to produce a clear and concise message How to reply efficiently to emails   Duration: 24 minutes

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Resident Rights/Abuse and Neglect- 2 Hour Training

The Resident Rights/Abuse and Neglect Online Training Course explains the rights of a resident under WI DHS 83.32 (3). This training course includes: house rules, coercion, retaliation, confidentiality, restraints, self-determination and grievance procedures for assisted living and healthcare providers.   The modules that would be covered in this 2 hour online course are: Resident Rights Questions Resident Rights Slides Resident Rights Presentation State of WI Client Rights Brochure Resident Rights/Grievance Resident Abuse Slides Abuse and Neglect presentation Resident Rights and Abuse Quiz   Upon completion of this online training course, the candidate will receive a certificate for 2 hours in Resident Rights/Abuse and Neglect.

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How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a Raise or Promotion

Do you feel underpaid and undervalued at work, and want to ask for a raise, but are anxious and don't know how to do it? Or maybe you've got a big performance review coming up, and you want a little help to make your case and get paid what you deserve.   How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a Raise or Promotion is a training course that will answer all your doubts and queries.   This online training course uses an easy-to-follow storytelling approach along with case studies, statistics, templates, and the right amount of humour to change your way of looking at negotiation and promotion.   In this online training course you will: Gain the specific skills needed to ask for a raise - in one hour Formulate a winning negotiation game plan Find out the best time to ask for a raise Hear tips you can use starting today Understand negotiation statistics and facts Produce a secret weapon to be persuasive and memorable Create a one-of-a-kind document to secure the highest salary range   You will also receive 8 customizable templates to: Keep track of your accomplishments Create a digital portfolio to prove your worth Email key contacts to find your true value Present a salary research document to achieve the highest salary   Stop wondering and get started with this amazing training course today!

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Income Statement Secrets Revealed

Income Statement Secrets Revealed is an online training course designed to revolutionize the way you look at data. With this training course, you’ll learn to avoid the pain of trying to decipher columns and rows packed with data. Wasting resources on things that appear to be worthwhile, you lose double: wasted resources, and the work you could have done instead. This online training course is fun, if such a thing can be said about financial data, and easy to grasp.   Following are the modules that will be covered in this training course: Who, What, Why Introduction Module Two: Financial Statement Primer, Short and Sweet! What is this Report Trying to Tell Me? Flawed Averages and Percents The Foible of Limited Comparisons Ruth, Mantle, Maris, Bonds or Aaron? How to Go Beyond the Rear View Mirror

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Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced Training

The Learn Microsoft Project 2010 - Advanced training is built around simplifying your life and helping your project succeed. This training course is a continuation of the Learn Project 2010 Beginners/Intermediate training by Simon Sez IT. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Project knowledge, this training course provides 8 full hours of expert quality training videos, consisting of 10 chapters and 37 concise videos. Project planning is an art.   There is so much to it: coordinating, scheduling, calendaring, organizing, budgeting, costs, resource management, etc. Without the right tools, it can become overwhelming. That’s why, in this training course, your trainer will present the advanced project management features Microsoft Project has to offer such as critical paths, scheduling, and calendars.   Get motivated to become organized in delegating and tracking tasks, assigning resources, and putting the budget on paper and tracking its details. Learn the value of defining costs up front—baselining the costs so you can track them. Evaluate the project as you go from a detached view to determine resourcing problems. Understand how to assign, level, and divert resources so you can overcome resource problems to keep the project moving forward.   The time invested in this online course is invaluable because you’re taught the macro and micro view of a project and how to track it all. Discover how to divide a project into parts and combine them when necessary. Learn how to create links and dependencies between projects and share resources. And discover how to maximize critical tools: customization, macros, views, VBA, writing code, creating new macros, importing and exporting and much more is covered under this training program.   Benefits of this online training course: Consolidating multiple projects. Tools for resource types and defining costs. Discover how to use and customize reports. How to assign, level, and divert resources to overcome problems. Delegation and tracking of tasks.   Audience: Project Managers and other business professionals who are familiar with Microsoft Project 2010 (or previous versions) and are looking to deepen their knowledge with more advanced skills.

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