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E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees (HTML 5) Course

Emails are the best way of communication when it comes to sending information quickly. The objective of this online training course is to help trainees make the most efficient use of electronic correspondence.   At the end of this training session, trainees will be able to understand: Email policy How to manage e-mail volume and storage effectively How to present a professional image in e-mail How to produce a clear and concise message How to reply efficiently to emails   Duration: 24 minutes

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Telephone Etiquette Course

Communication over phone needs to be effective, as it is important for any organization to provide quality customer support in order to grow and retain its customer base.   The main objective of Telephone Etiquette training session is to help you learn about telephone etiquette.   By the time this online training is over:   You should be able to understand why telephone etiquette is important in your job Project a professional image on the phone when you make and receive calls Handle holds, transfers, and voice mail effectively Deal properly with difficult callers Conclude calls successfully   Duration: 24 minutes.

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Social Media and Sexual Harassment Course

This online session explains how social media, both at and outside work, can be used to harass others. The main objective of Social Media and Sexual Harassment online training course is to give you an overview of sexual harassment using social media and cell phones. By the time this training session is over, you should be able to understand:   How your use of social media both in and outside of work can be harassment Recognize what an improper text communication is See that actions taken in the workplace, even with personal electronic equipment, are covered by workplace rules Understand that even personal social networking sites can be the site of harassment Know your rights with respect to personal electronic equipment and social networking accounts Recognize that harassment comes in many shapes and forms   Duration: 24 minutes

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