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Sexual Harassment for Non-Supervisory Employees in California Course

California has some of the most stringent sexual harassment laws in the country and there is specific information that employers are required to give employees about the law.  This program tailored for non-supervisory workers covers every part of the law is both powerful and easy to understand. In California, sexual harassment is defined by both the Fair Employment and Housing Act and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.  All DFEH and federal requirements are covered in the course. On completion of this course, your employees will understand the law, understand their rights and understand the repercussions of perpetrating sexual harassment.  This program covers: The rights employees have under California law Quid Pro Quo harasment Hostile environment harassment Specific conduct that could result in a harassment claim Specific guidance under California law Complaint procedures Liability in California law The consequences of perpetrating harassment and much more

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Anti-Trust Law Made Simple Course

Do your managers understand Anti-Trust law. Chances are they don't. Anti-trust is one of the least understood business law topics. This new course breaks down the law into simple, easy-to-understand terms and will give your team the information they need to know to stay free of violations. Laws Detailed in the Program: The penalties for breaking the law Why certain business practices are illegal Price fixing Bid rigging Illegal market division Group Boycotts Exclusive dealing contracts Requirements contracts Refusal to supply Predatory or low-cost pricing Tie-in sales or forced buying Refusal to deal Discriminatory pricing Mergers Trade Associations

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Insider Trading Course

This course on preventing Illegal insider trading is one of just a few on the market.  Using clear, concise, easy-to-under language, this course thoroughly outlines the law in layman's terms that every employee will understand.  Insider Trading erodes public confidence in the fairness and integrity of the markets. As a result, the SEC aggressively enforces these laws.  Make sure that your organization does end up on the evening news by training your employees on this often-misunderstood crime. The course covers: What is illegal insider trading? What is legal insider trading? How the government tracks illegal activity. Every employees’ fiduciary responsibility to investors How anyone who uses privileged information (not just employees) can be charged under the law. How someone be charged for passing information even there was no personal benefit financially. How persons who fail to prevent illegal insider trading can be charged as controlling persons.  Specific examples of actions and scenarios that are illegal. The consequences for violating the law.   How to protect yourself from violating the law. This course includes a full HD video and employee quiz.

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FCPA Made Simple Course

A thorough breakdown of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, this course will ensure that your employees understand the law and avoid violations that result in civil and criminal penalties.  This course covers: Bribes and kickbacks to government officials. What constitutes a bribe or kickback. How bribery and other unfair practices also inflate the cost of doing business thus affecting the economy overall. How the law effects either businesses or individuals. How it's illegal to assist another person who breaks the law. How the act makes it illegal to promise bribes or kickbacks even if they are never actually given. How bribes that do not result in an unfair advantage are still illegal. How intent is the most important aspect of the law. How the law covers consultants, advisors or university employees who provide services for the government. How many businesses in foreign countries are actually run by the government. How compliance is required whether conducting business on U.S. soil or abroad. How the law applies to any company representative including its owners, directors, board members and agents. How foreign companies or individuals who engage in bribery schemes within the United States may be prosecuted. The facilitating payments exemption. The danger of third-party agents. How foreign attorneys are the most dangerous third-party agents. The importance of clear, concise communication. Accurate and honest recordkeeping. Internationally recognized and accepted accounting procedures otherwise known as GAAP. The consequences of violating the law. The role of the Department of Justice and the SEC in enforcement The role of investigative journalists How the majority of violations are uncovered by professional consultants such as accountants or lawyers during corporate reviews. The importance of self reporting if violations are found internally. How other violations such as money laundering or wire and mail fraud are often found in FCPA investigations. How 50% of FCPA cases open today are against individual business persons or agents. How the U.S. Government rarely loses FCPA cases. This course includes a full HD video and an employee quiz.

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