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Personal Injury Damages in Tennessee: Where Do We Stand After Tort Reform?

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Brandon Bass, with the Law Offices of John Day in Brentwood, explains where we stand after the passage of the Civil Justice Act of 2011 capping noneconomic damages in Tennessee. Learn what issues you can expect to face in the coming years and how damages can be proven going forward so you can best serve your clients in personal injury cases.

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QDROs in Tennessee: 2013 Update

Earn .75 hour of CLE credit as James Helton shares practical tips and advice for dividing retirement plans in Tennessee. Learn how the marital portion of the pension is calculated, what the Plan Administrator requires, how gains and losses will be credited, and more.

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Medicare Secondary Payer Process: Problems, Trends, and Recent Developments

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Bryan Moseley, of Moseley & Moseley, discusses common problems and recent changes in the Medicare secondary payer process. He gives an overview of the Medicare Secondary Payer System and explains mandatory insurer reporting to the government when the interests of Medicare need to be protected. He also discusses Medicare Set Aside allocations, approvals and administration.

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Medical Proof Requirements in Personal Injury Suits: Making Your Case in Tennessee

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit as Laura Baker, with the Law Offices of John Day, discusses how to prove damages in personal injury cases. Topics include expert proof of causation, the more likely than not standard, pre-existing conditions, proving the effects of an injury, permanency, lost wages and earning capacity, scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering, emotional injuries, proving medical bills, the Collateral Source Rule, Medical Expense Summaries, future medical expenses, and diagnostic tests.

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Facebook, Twitter & More: Practical Tips on How to Request Social Media Discovery

Gain 1.5 hours of CLE credit as Clinton Sanko, with Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz PC, explains the ins and outs of social media discovery and its impact on trials. He will discuss the latest developments in courts around the nation. Other topics include adversary party review, in camera review, producing party review, privacy objections, and juror misconduct.

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Ethics and Professionalism: The Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege in Tennessee

Earn 1 hour of DUAL CLE credit as Todd Presnell, with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, explains how to master the challenges of maintaining the attorney-client privilege in Tennessee and gain useful practice tips that you can put to use immediately. Topics include the corporate attorney-client privilege, in-house counsel, privileges and conflicts of law, and contractual choice of law provisions.

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Consumer Protection Recovery Under the Old Law: It May Not Be too Late for Some of Your Clients

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit while leaning from Candi Henry, with Dodson, Parker, Behm & Capparella, PC, about the changes the Tennessee Legislature made to the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). How do the courts determine damages? What is the standard of appellate review? Is comparative fault a defense under the TCPA? Ms. Henry answers these questions and more in this fast-paced and informative presentation.

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Report Writing Course

This course provides a refresher for police officers as it relates to writing effective reports. Topics include examining the essential elements of field notes, essential elements of the narrative report, definitions of the NCIC short format thumbnail sketch, and an example of a narrative report and format.

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Design Professionals' Professional Liability Insurance: What it Covers, How it Works and Why it Matters Webinar

ORIGINALLY PRESENTED DECEMBER 5, 2013 Course Presenters: Karen Erger, Vice President, Director of Practice Management, Lockton Karen Erger, Vice President, Director of Practice Management, Lockton - See more at: Karen Erger, Vice President, Director of Practice Management, Lockton - See more at: Course Length: 1.5 Hours Course Credit Hours: 1.5 PDHs, 1.5 AIA LUs/HSW 1.5 PDHs, 1.5 AIA LUs/HSW Course Overview: Sign up for this webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the basics of professional liability insurance for design professionals! This webinar is not only for design professionals who want to maximize coverage under their own professional liability insurance policies, but also for all participants in the design and construction process that contract for or provide professional design services. Participants will become familiar with the coverage typically afforded by design professionals’ professional liability insurance, as well as key exclusions that limit coverage. We’ll discuss the “claims-made” nature of the professional liability policy and its ramifications for claims reporting under the policy. Emphasis will be given to common misconceptions about professional liability insurance, using real-world examples and claims as illustrations. Our goal will be to make participants better able to make effective use of their own policies and also to assist them in drafting contracts with attainable, appropriate requirements for design professionals’ professional liability insurance.

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Wrongful Death Damages in Tennessee: Where Do We Stand After Tort Reform?

Earn 1 hour of CLE credit with Brandon Bass as he provides insight on changes in wrongful death damages since the passage of the Civil Justice Act of 2011. Topics include economic damages, earnings and income, loss of earning capacity, lost profits, benefits, deductions, damages to credit, incidental damages, and consortium. He'll also review limits on recovery.

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Series LLCs in TN: Usage, Tax Treatment, and More

Gain 1 hour of CLE credit with this course presented by Richard Spore. The series limited liability company (LLC) has a number of subparts or series, each of which has separate ownership of assets and separate liability for debts. It is crucial that lawyers become familiar with series LLCs in order to advise clients on what type of business entity best serves their needs.

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