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The Art of Counseling Staff (Demo)

Taken from the course and book, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life,” this course examines the role of counselor for the manager. Like it or not, a manager “is” a counselor. Very few managers know how to employ this role effectively. The reality is, counseling “is” an art. In “The Art of Counseling Staff,” a manager will learn the objectives of counseling as well as how to implement different counseling sessions. You will also learn how to read body language, identify liars, nurture your Superstars, recognize burnout, conflict mediation and resolution, and the importance of counseling self.

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Inspiring Passion in Your Staff (Demo)

Passion – the most powerful force in the universe. Passion has moved mountains, discovered countries, healed nations, and put footprints on the moon. All one needs to succeed is to have Purpose and Passion. In this course, a manager will learn how to inspire passion in his or her staff, driving them to reach unimaginable goals. This course is taken from the course and book, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life,” and is designed as a “refresher course.” References to some modules, concepts, and stories may refer to the parent course. Though designed as a refresher, “Inspiring Passion in Your Staff” stands on its own.

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Managing from the Heart (Demo)

Success in business is all about relationships. This intensive and comprehensive course examines a radical new business philosophy, which explores “preventive maintenance” for a company's most valuable asset - it's people. It’s amazing how companies will spend millions on preventive maintenance for its hard assets and nothing for its most important. Imagine a staff which is self-motivated and inspired to produce long-term sustainable growth for both themselves and the business. Learn how to develop "Career-Minded" employees instead of "Job-Minded" employees. Discover the power of creating "Raving Fans" of your customers and staff. Learn how to inspire your staff to become willing to go to war for you. Unleash the unrealized potential hidden in each and every human being. Learn how to implement the 5 basic roles a manager uses to inspire a staff that self-manages, takes ownership of the business plan, and becomes vested in the success of the business. "Managing from the Heart" is not just a philosophy which nurtures growth and inspires success. "Managing from the Heart" is "A Way of Life."

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Working from the Heart (Demo)

If you are taking this course, you have probably been instructed to do so by your manager and your manager has probably begun practicing a radical new philosophy of managing. This new philosophy, "Managing from the Heart," is designed to teach managers how to engineer a work environment in which employees are provided an opportunity to acquire the necessary tools, interaction, and instruction that will propel the employee to success. This course is for you, the employee, and is designed to create the awareness and understanding necessary to take full advantage of this environment opportunity. The employee who embraces this philosophy will begin a journey of growth in which he or she will develop "personal power," allowing the individual to succeed at whatever they attempt.

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Becoming Master of Your Destiny (Demo)

Many people go through life wondering, “Is this all there is?” Some people seem to constantly get frustrated over little things and don’t know why. Others keep “shooting themselves in the foot.” They get into the same old relationship patterns, lugging their baggage along with them. They hope it’ll be different, but know it’ll turn out the same – and it does. We have the power to direct our lives and define our destiny, but we give it away. We give to situations, things, and people who didn’t ask for it, don’t necessarily want it, and don’t even know they have it. It’s time to reclaim our inherent power. This course looks at how to use our emotions in a healthy way. Learn to identify and change false “core beliefs,” self-defeating behaviors, and cognitive distortions. Then, learn how to nurture the best and truest parts of yourself. Taken from the course and book, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life,” this can be used as a refresher course or it can stand on its own.

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The Manager as Orchestra Leader (Demo)

Taken from the book and course, "Managing from the Heart - A Way of Life," this course guides the manager through the steps to effectively conduct his or her staff like a "finely tuned orchestra." The manager will learn the problems associated with "Starting Up a Department from Scratch," "Inheriting an Established Department," and "Maintaining an Established Department." Our "Managing from the Heart" philosophy will instruct the manager how to develop staff that manages themselves and is willing to go to war for him or her.

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The Manager as Engineer of the Workplace (Demo)

Taken from the book and course, "Managing from the Heart - A Way of Life," this course guides the manager through the 5 basic roles used to manager a staff that becomes invested in the success of the business and takes ownership of the business plan. A manager will learn the importance of developing relationships, creating a safe collaborative workplace, the difference between “Job” and “Career,” the “art” of counseling, and how to manage without appearing to manage.

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Monitoring the Pulse of Your Staff (Demo)

Taken from the book and course, "Managing from the Heart - A Way of Life," this course instructs the manager how to “read” his or her staff by recognizing “Red Flags,” reading “Body Language,” and identifying “Burnout.” The manager will also learn how to identify “Attitudes that Lead to Mediocrity,” how to Float Balloons,” and how to “Peal the Onion” to get to the heart of an issue. He or she will also learn how to identify liars and deal with “Rainclouds.” Knowing where your staff is at any given moment is essential if you are to get where you want to go.

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Neuroawareness in Leadership and Negotiation - Session 01

The "Neuroawareness in Leadership and Negotiation" program includes 14 on-demand sessions about the emotional, social and cognitive brain. This first FREE session is an introduction to the full program and an introduction of the human brain. To purchase the full program, please click here. The full syllabus of the program is the following: 1.Introduction of the human brain (part 1) 2.Introduction of the brain (part 2) 3.Patterns, memories, perceptions and biases. 4.The emotional brain 5.The social brain (part 1) : the three key drivers of socialization. 6.The social brain (part 2): empathy and in-group feelings, a brain-based model of cooperation. 7.The cognitive brain (1): attention and creativity 8.The cognitive brain (2) : priming and emotional regulation techniques 9.The cognitive brain (3): learning, refleXive or refleCtive cognitive modes, decision-making and willpower 10.The brain across ages and genders 11.Mindfulness 12.Managing intercultural situations 13.Optimizing collaboration in your organization 14.About change

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