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Herbalism Training Course

Herbalism is a healing art that sees the person in a holistic manner, the mind, the body, the spirit, as one. Lifting one’s frame of mind with Aromatherapy or a herbal tea is as important as making a poultice for a boil or rash. It is about bringing balance back in a gentle, nurturing way that limits side-effects. The WHO recognizes that for most of the world, herbal treatments are used as a necessity and Herblore is a vital tradition. This 10 Lesson Course explains the use of herbs in relation to the mind body and spirit and how to prepare them.

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Bible Assesment Test

This exam is designed to test where you are in your biblical understanding. This is the first test for all students of Covenant Bible College and Seminary.

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Community in Crisis Orientation and Overview

This is a brief Powerpoint presentation of the model for building community disaster resilience developed by the nonprofit, Community in Crisis, Inc. ( It is designed for town leaders, managers, churches, civic groups, organizations, emergency management, CERT Team Leaders, Citizen Corp, and other entities to use as a template for creating their own grassroots disaster preparedness plan that is compatible with the Incident Command System used in their own state or region. It is strongly advised that you discuss your options with your local emergency management authorities prior to intiating any community disaster planning, as their input and knowledge can be valuable to you.

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Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Flames Reiki is a new system that combines aspects of color therapy, creative visualization, traditional Japanese Reiki, and candle work. Many Reiki professionals have had amazing results with the SFR techniques, reporting an increased awareness o

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