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Boxcutter/Utility Knife Safety

Author: Aurora Pictures

Category: Online Safety Training > Workplace Safety

Box cutters and utility knives are the most common tools used in any working environment. While it is perceived that cutting is a basic task which doesn’t involve any risks, the truth is that using cutters with sharp edged blades can be dangerously injurious.   With this Online Safety Train...

Keywords: Online Safety Training, free training course, Knife/box Cutter Safety

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  • 71468

    Boxcutter/Utility Knife Safety - Video This attention grabbing safety course is an excellent overview of utility knife/box cutter safety. Filmed in a variety of work settings, the video begins with a serie sofmishapscausedbytheunsafeuseofutilityknives. The mishaps are then carefully examined to reveal the underlying causes, as well as... more

  • 71771

    Boxcutter/Utility Knife Safety - quiz