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Excel Everest: Free Demo Course

Excel Everest: Free Demo Course   Excel Everest is an entirely different way to learn Excel. No, really. The whole Excel Everest experience takes place inside a giant interactive Excel workbook (called Excel Everest) that brings users step-by-step through 41+ business-critical topics, 160+ interactive, auto-graded exercises, and there's a scoreboard to measure progress along the way.   If you'd like to give it a try ahead of purchasing the real course, test out our demos through this free course!   Who is Excel Everest for?    Your orgnization or employees may be a fit for Excel Everest if:  You need a comprehensive Excel training that covers all the essential business Excel skills, and with unlimited access and upgrades.  You need a training that covers all of your versioning needs, on both Mac & PC, including for Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016  You realize that the best way to learn a complicated program like Excel is not by watching videos, but by going through exercises right there in an Excel document.  You'd like to use the same Excel training for your organization that companies like Google and Eventbrite use for their employees.  You want accountability, and a way to measure not if someone has watched a video, but if someone has completed the skill right there in Excel.    What is the concept behind Excel Everest?    The entire concept behind Excel Everest is that you can learn by doing. As you go through this course, you'll be guided on how to download the Excel Everest workbook. When you open it up, you'll see an index page with a set of 21 buttons that link you to the various areas of the workbook. And in each topic area, you'll:    Learn why a specific concept is important, especially for being successful in a corporation  Grasp the details on the topic through written explanations Go through a set of interactive Excersies that are categorized according to difficulty (easy, medium, and hard)   Best of all, as you complete these exercises, they're graded, so you can easily keep track of your progress through the course, see which topics you've made the most progress on, and earn badgeds for certain milestones.    What are the outcomes you should expect?    As a user, if you go through Excel Everest, you'll be able to go from knowing nothing (for those who need it, we cover the absolute basics), to a deep understanding of all of the business critical aspects of Excel. In no time, you'll have your colleagues asking you to teach them how to do a VLookup or set up a Pivot Table on their behalf.    As a training manager, you'll finally have a training system that provides interactivity, accountability, and a bit of fun along the way. Even small Excel errors can cost organizations an enormous amount of time, and even worse, inaccurate data can get reported up the chain and used for key business decisions. If you have limited training dollars to spend, you should put them toward Excel. An error in PowerPoint or Word doesn't result in catestrophic business outcomes. Excel Everest will help train on what matters most.  

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Windows 8 Essentials (Course)

Windows 8 represents the biggest change in the Windows operating system since Windows 95. On the plus side, it’s faster, prettier, and very easy to operate for most tasks. On the minus side, the familiar Start button and Control Panel are gone (or hidden) and users must learn a whole new way of navigating through the Windows environment. Do the benefits outweigh the concerns? Take our Windows 8 course to learn more about this brand new version of Windows and how you can use it most effectively, including: Navigating and Customizing the Start Pane Finding the hidden Control Panel to tweak settings Using the mouse or touch-screen to navigate between programs How to troubleshoot program and printer issues Tips and Tweaks on over 50 new Windows features!

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10 minute Tour of the CareData EHR Cloud-Based Solution

Start your journey to one of the estimated 100,000 in-deamand careers in the exciting age of health care reform through training in Electronic Health Records workflow in both administrative and clinical skills. your institution can help enrolled students prepare for the many jobs estimated to be available to qualified, certified HIT professionals at every level through practical experience in a live EHR test environment shared by many learners and their insructors.

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MATLAB basics (Course)

Any researcher, industrialist , student or teacher who want to be known by MATLAB may join class to enhance his/her knowledge to have smart work culture of modelling and simulation in new era of technology and serve our society. Any one from industry or any field like education may join this course as this is not of any field oriented course , this is a tool specific course which is useful to all who is interested to learn it. there will be tutorials and assignment to analyse the level of participants learning. Course Key Takeaways: As there are many other courses who provide same platform to work in MATLAB but in this course i will provide hands on practice by using video tutorials, assignments, numerical tutorials, live projects to work with and lastly a problem solving program. Course Package: Kindly upload the files, i.e. 5 videos, 20 documents & assignment, that have been mentioned in the course "MATLAB Basics". presentations of explanation of each sections Specific detailing of all basics with examples. online tests and if any specific problem arises there will be more tests to clear dough assignments for practice of every section. and many more for clearing dough. Note: This course is going to be a duration as we as e--learning based course. In this course participants will find 50% course of 1 hr duration and 50% through PPT tutorials and videos.

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