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Formulating a Breakthrough Strategy (Course)

This is a 114-page PDF. This road-map document condenses the top notch methodology that will produce a high caliber breakthrough strategy. It is focused on the strategy formulation process and not on implementation of strategy as such.  The document was carefully prepared to present in a comprehensive manner the key ingredients that impact the formulation phase to a high degree and that generate strategies way beyond expectations. It is equally applicable to corporate organizations but also to new SME start-ups. It is all about breakthrough and quantum leap change, and consultant is also presenting a variety of practical and powerful techniques, including very novel but tested approaches such as iterative convergence and dual team. The right mindset for strategic planning is quite elaborated in the document, as well as means of igniting innovation in the process, and generating great goals. Ample material helps in the preparation and getting started with the strategy formulation phase, including detailed steps. Who does what is also well covered with the aim of obtaining a breakthrough output.  The material is intended as instrumental but also inspirational, since breakthrough strategy formulation is not only about the IQ and analysis but indeed about the entrepreneurial spirit. This road-map can be used as a support manual in any strategic planning endeavor, or as a template introduction training in connection with strategic planning and innovation.  This road-map document was developed by Dr. Stephen M. Sweid, a business consultant, researcher and trainer with over 20 years consulting experience on the international scene: Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East, covering a wide spectrum of industries, including hi-tech. Consultant specializes in quantum leap strategy and innovation. >>> This material can be also delivered as in-house training course or workshop by the same consultant / trainer.  TABLE OF CONTENTS: TITLE OF SLIDE What Is Breakthrough Strategy? Breakthrough Strategy Has Different Attributes In Excess Purpose Of Strategy Ingredients Of Breakthrough Strategic Planning What Is A Quantum Leap Change? Why The Need For Quantum Leap Approach? Strategic Planning Process For Breakthrough Adequate Time Is Needed To Formulate Basic Steps Of Breakthrough Strategic Planning Basic Steps Of Breakthrough Strategy Formulation  Inspiring Definitions Of Strategy Criteria Of An Effective Strategy How To Prepare And Get Started For Breakthrough Strategy Formulation The Right Mindset For Formulation Of A Breakthrough Strategy A Detailed Process Steps Of Strategy Formulation For Breakthrough Teams Required For Formulation Of Breakthrough Strategy Dual Team Approach For Breakthrough Strategy Formulation Role Of External Consultants In Breakthrough Strategy Formulation Business Plan Preparation Phases How To Set Main Strategic Goals Which Are Great? Importance Of Regular Viability Testing At Each Stage Of The Formulation Process Importance Of Regular Concept Development And Improvement During Strategy Formulation Creativity Factor In Breakthrough Strategic Planning Process How To Ignite Innovative Strategic Ideas Balance Issues In Breakthrough Strategy Formulation Technique Of Iterative Convergence For Breakthrough Strategy How Iterative Convergence Works And Its Purpose? Iterative Convergence Should Apply To Each One Of The Following Couples Dr. Sweid?s Matrix Of Innovation For SMEs  Examples Of Wrong Assumptions In Strategic Planning Examples Of Mistakes To Avoid In Strategy Formulation Characteristics Of A Breakthrough Strategy Formulation Success Criteria For A Quantum Leap Change Key Factors To Evaluate In An SME Start-Up Success Criteria For Small SME Startups Where Can You Demonstrate Real Tangible Differentiation? Where Do You Stand Out? Project Concept Has To Be WOW Confidentiality Issues Strategy Timeline: Why 3-5 Years? Regular Revision Of Strategy Maintaining Your Vision 3-5 Years Ahead Relative Constants And Variables In Strategy Forecasting In A Very Dynamic And Crowded Business Environment People Involved In Formulating A Breakthrough Strategy Diversity Of Roles And Functions In Formulating Breakthrough Strategy Time Is Of Essence In Breakthrough Strategy Formulation How Long Should Formulation Of Breakthrough Strategy Take? Strategy Formulation Tools Consultant's Profile

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