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The Stylish Woman at Work (part 2) Style Personality

The 2nd step in becoming a stylish woman is to identify your style personality.  Women with similar body shapes may have different clothing style preferences. A woman with a pear shape would feel great wearing high heels and dress while another woman with a similar shape would prefer a casual look on daily basis. Understanding styles is more important than matching colors. Once you master styles, you identified your dominant style and you know which clothes belong to each style you can start combining them and create coherent looks. The safest way to dress is to stick to your main style once you know it. Combine at most 2 styles to stay coherent in your looks. There are 9 style personalities. Go through the course to find out which is yours. And then get inspiration on how to choose clothes for your style and how to wear them to flaunt your assets and be a stylish woman at work  More than 100 pictures with explanations will take your through this journey of identifying your style personality. 

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