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Business Ethics -- What Employees Need to Know Course

Author: TrainingToday Marketplace

Category: Online Management/Leadership Training > Management

The main objective of this session is to create awareness of ethical issues in business and ensure that you always know the ethical course of action to take on the job. By the time this session is over, you should be able to recognize the importance of business ethics, understand the requirements o ... More

Keywords: business ethics, requirements, Policy, ethical



Improving the Testability of Requirements

Author: Requirements Tutor

Category: Online Software Training > General

The Requirements Solutions Group’s Knowledge Nugget, “Improving the Testability of Requirements (for Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and Testers)” is one of a series of knowledge nuggets on “How to Write Business Requirements for IT Projects". Like all of our knowledge nuggets, ... More

Keywords: requirements, business analysis, Testing Requirements, Analyzing Requirements



Removing Ambiguity and Subjectivity from Requirements

Author: Requirements Tutor

Category: Online Business Training > Soft Skills

The Requirements Solutions Group’s Knowledge Nugget, “Removing Ambiguity and Subjectivity from Requirements" is designed to give business analysts, subject matter experts, and testers a set of rules for improving the quality of their business requirements.  It is the second nugget of a series ... More

Keywords: business requirements, business analysis, business needs, requirements, requirements analysis