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Our online courses provide individual training experiences that are relevant to today’s issues and challenges, and comply with Federal, State, and Local Requirements. Wherever you are located, we’ve got you covered.

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In California

Coggno delivers HR Training for all sorts mitigating liability within organizations.

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In Illinois

Coggno delivers Drug Free workplace, UST Training, and Warehouse Safety training.

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In Connecticut

Coggno delivers Sexual Harassment training, HR and Safety training.

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In Delaware

Coggno delivers Workplace Safety and Transportation training.

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In Maine

Coggno delivers HR Training, including Respectful Workplace, Safety training, and Warehouse training.

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A wide range of courses covering sales and marketing, HR, management, safety and technology.

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  • Everything you need to build a complete training library in one place.
  • Coggno offers a vast range of more than 10,000 individual training courses in a variety of areas including sales and marketing, health and safety, compliance, management, HR, technology, and soft skills.
  • Pick and choose the units you want and simply drag and drop to create a complete training program to boost your workforce’s skills and competencies.
  • You only pay for the course units that you use, which means that Coggno is the most cost-effective business training platform available.



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Helping Businesses Reach New Heights

A business is only as good as its people.

Staff training is a key ingredient to success and growth. Coggno provides best in class courses that are easy to build into complete training programs, in a number of key business areas.

Coggno has worked with Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, as well as many organizations, large and small, to enhance their professional development programs.

With over 4000 happy clients and millions of satisfied learners, Coggno is constantly adding new courses and updating existing ones to make sure that the curriculum is fresh, relevant, and 100% up-to-date.


Everyone is Certified

Coggno is a comprehensive training solution that can deliver everything you need to meet new demands and challenges and comply with federal, state, and local guidance and regulations.

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  • Access to Thousands of Courses
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