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Electrical and Motor Controls Training Program. 20-Course Program 7000---S

Electrical and Motor Controls Training Program. 20-Course Program 7000---S

The Electrical and Motor Controls (EMC) Series' 20 courses cover the most critical and fundamental skills that everyone in a manufacturing plant, production and maintenance department need to know. Each program covers in detail the subject matter and provides also a downloadable reference handbook. The EMC series offers a dynamic, interactive combination of multimedia and human touch to provide the right training, in the right way, at the right time and place. This EMC Training Series provides along with the instructional lessons, assessment and testing, certificates, and access to free downloadable course handbooks to empower technical workers and management in their efforts to rapidly train and maintain a skilled technical workforce. Additionally, because of the electrical nature of our training programs, they also help complement and support the employee's training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1090.332. Why waste time and money suffering through long downtimes, improper troubleshooting, and quick fixes that don’t last—solve the problem right the first time. To help you build and maintain your team of skilled technicians, we provide training programs in the most important electrical maintenance areas. The EMC Program includes the following 20 courses: •Power Generation and Systems •Power Distribution Inside the Plant •Static/Manual Control Switches •Control Relays and Timer Circuits •Instrumentation 1—Position Sensing Control Devices •Instrumentation 2—Process Sensing Control Devices •Control Circuits 1—Electrical Ladder Diagrams •Control Circuits 2—Complex Interlocking Circuits •Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Control Circuits •Electromagnetic Motor Switches •Motor Control Protection •Controlling Motor Operations •Sizing the Protection of Motors and Control Circuits •AC Motor Operations—Start and Acceleration •AC Motor Control and Troubleshooting •DC Motor Operations and Control •DC Motor Acceleration, Deceleration and Troubleshooting •Programmable Controllers—Operation, Architecture and I/O System •Programmable Controllers—Discrete Software Programming •Programmable Controllers—Control Implementation and Troubleshooting

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Programmable Controllers Training Program. 17-Course Program 8000-S

Programmable Controllers Training Program. 17-Course Program 8000-S

We offer the most thorough Programmable Controllers (PLC) training program on the market. This eTraining package is a comprehensive PLC program applicable to all PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. With PLC applications abundant in manufacturing facilities, this PLC program is a must for your facility. Consisting of 17 courses, the program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation. The PLC Training Series not only explains the ins and outs of programmable controllers, but also gives examples of real-life PLC applications Designed for: •Maintenance Personnel •Engineers •Technicians •Electricians •And anyone involved with PLCs The PLC Program includes the following 17 courses: •Introduction To Programmable Controllers •PLC Number Systems and Codes •Logic Functions and Their Relationship with PLC Systems •General CPU Operation and Memory System Overview •Memory System Architecture and PLC I/O Addressing •Discrete Input System •Discrete Output System •Analog Input System •Analog Output System •Introduction to PLC Software Programming •Basic Relay Programming Instructions •Timer and Counter Programming Instructions •Program Flow Control and Arithmetic Programming Instruction •Data Manipulation and Handling Programming Instructions •Data Transfer Programming Instructions •PLC Control System Implementation •Control Programming

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