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  • Author: Herbort Taro
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Learn Adobe Illustrator in 1 Hour

Learn Adobe Illustrator in 1 Hour

About This Class No more excuses! Today is the day you start using Adobe Illustrator. It's SOO easy. By learning just a few tools I will have you up and running in no time. I'm not teaching everything. But just enough so you can start creating logos and vector graphics. These are the tools I use every day as a graphic designer. 1-Super Fast Introduction 2-Understanding Nesting and Grouping 3-Shapes: The Basics 4-The Pen Tool 5-The Text Tool 6-The Shape Builder Tool 7-Building the Twitter Logo 8-Fills & Strokes 9-Intro to Gradients 10-Effects and the Appearance Panel

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To Learn Magic Tricks from Begin

To Learn Magic Tricks from Begin

About This Class Have you ever imagine yourself as an magician? Perform stunning tricks like making coins disappeared, levitate objects, or mentalism, know what your audience is thinking without telling you. Now here is your chance to AMAZE PEOPLE! During my journey I have performed street magic, performed numerous stage shows and kid shows. I have hosted several magic workshop. I have also taken apprentices and coach them magic as well. The purpose of this course is simple; To teach you as much knowledge as needed, so you will be well on your way to become a professional magician.

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