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  • Author: Teresa Trower
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Reverse Your Prediabetes and Lose Weight

Reverse Your Prediabetes and Lose Weight

Would you like to lose 5-7% of your body weight? Have you struggled to lose weight?  Do you have blood sugar issues?  If so, this course will give you proven strategies to lose weight without dieting.  Teresa Trower, a licensed Mental Health Counselor trained in Diabetes Prevention, lost 20 pounds using these methods and she wants to share them with you. Diabetes is now at the epidemic stage but you’ll learn how to prevent it, even if you’ve already been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes.  You'll discover the risk factors for Diabetes and which blood tests to request. You’ll discover which stage of Pre-Diabetes you may be in, and how to to move your blood sugar back into the healthy zone!  In this course, you’ll discover how to create balanced meals, how to use the Glycemic Index when making food choices, and which foods to eat organic. You'll learn how much exercise is required to lose weight, as well as the best type of exercise to raise your metabolism. You’ll learn why stress is so damaging to the body, and how to reduce stress.  If you don’t have blood sugar issues and your goal is simply to lose 5-7% of your body weight, then this course will show you how to lose the weight and keep it off. This is a lifestyle tweak, not a fast turnaround diet that actually tricks your body into holding onto the fat.  The program includes over 40 educationalvideos providing the basic information to lose the weight. These are easy to comprehend and less than 5 minutes in length.   Also included are Guided Meditations to encourage relaxation and break the stress cycle that sabotages weight loss.You’ll hear an inspirational message, followed by 15 minutes of relaxing music. Use this time as an opportunity to go within, relax, and reconnect to your inner peace.   You can do this course at your own pace. However, completing at least one or two videos a week along with the follow up assignment will boost your success with the program. If you snooze, you lose.  By completing the assignments, which are in included as pdf’s, you’ll reinforce the action steps leading to weight loss and blood sugar balance.  Hint: Inviting a family member or friend to take the course along with you is more motivating than doing it alone. You're more likely to stay the course because you can motivate each other.  By following the steps in this course, you can lose weight in a way that fits into your unique lifestyle and goals while you improve your health…a win-win! 

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Kick Your Social Anxiety to the Curb

Kick Your Social Anxiety to the Curb

Do you dread or avoid social events because you're anxious about saying or doing the wrong thing? Then, you know how it feels to have Social Anxiety. You're not alone. 15 million people suffer from Social Anxiety. It can make you feel like an outsider...while you watch your friends make it look easy! Think about it. Most people meet new friends at social events.  If you’re avoiding these events, they you’re missing out on one of the best things in life…friendships! And you don't have to be an extrovert! Even if you're an introvert, the skills you learn in this course will set you on a new path to a social life you can ENJOY! Bottom line, this course will give you the tools to overcome your anxiety.  You’ll learn how to become more confident in social situations. You’ll have a step- by- step plan for feeling confident at parties and social events. You’ll discover time- tested techniques for quickly reducing your anxiety. And you’ll learn how simple exercises can calm your jitters, allowing you to ENJOY social interactions. At the end of this course, you'll know: a cool NLP technique for quickly reducing your anxiety whether you're socially anxious or simply introverted, and what that means how to reduce your pre-party jitters how to feel more self confident at a party what not to do after a party the secret to boosting your self confidence the types of people to avoid if you want to stay confident a fast and effective tapping technique to zap your anxiety how a famous therapist cured his social anxiety how to apply Rational Emotive Therapy to your social fears the most powerful question to ask yourself when you're scaring yourself with negative thoughts two powerful techniques to use before asking someone out  You'll have demonstrations of how to do the techniques, as well as practice exercises to help you increase your social skills. Best of all, you'll have my help should you have questions along the way or help applying the techniques.   

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Kick Your Anger To The Curb

Kick Your Anger To The Curb

         In this course, you’ll: Learn why anger is not a “bad” emotion Learn a powerful, but positive, way to express your anger Discover the words to avoid in conversations Discover the cognitive distortions underneath your anger Learn how to improve your personal and work relationships Learn how to turn off your fight or flight response Create your own Anger Buster strategy   Why take a course on Anger Management? Actually, anger is universal and affects every living person. It comes in many forms, from frustration or mild irritation to outright rage. On any given day, you might experience at least one of these forms of anger.   By taking this course, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and others, as well as the tools to control your anger instead of letting your anger control you. My one- hour course includes 8 steps, or videos. Each step includes downloadable resource materials (PDF homework assignments). Completing the assignments  gives you insight into your behaviors and feelings as well as an opportunity to try out new behaviors. Doing the homework is an important part of this course if you’re looking for change!   The truth is, anger is a normal emotion. Without this emotion, you’d most likely find yourself in situations where you’re taken advantage of, or doing things that aren’t in your best interest. So, anger is actually a protective mechanism…a signal to pay attention because something feels wrong or threatening.   This course gives anger its due, but also points out the downside of anger. As you probably know, it’s not the emotion that’s problematic, but what you do when you’re angry. The ways you express anger can either resolve the problem or make the problem worse. You can end up getting what you want, or blowing the entire deal, friendship, relationship, or career. That’s why it’s important to understand anger, and how to best express it in a way that doesn’t destroy relationships or derail careers.   As a Licensed Therapist, I’ve helped many people deal with anger. Mastering your anger is a skill that pays off big-time in both your personal happiness and your relationships. Come join me!    

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Helping Your Child Get Through Your Divorce with Success

Helping Your Child Get Through Your Divorce with Success

Are you divorced, divorcing, or planning a divorce? Are you concerned about possible negative effects on your child? Do you wish there was a roadmap to help you empower your children?   This course is designed for you if you are either divorced, planning to divorce, or simply want to empower your child to deal with the changes that face divorced families. It is not, however, a course for children. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and former Elementary school Guidance Counselor, I've seen firsthand what helps, as well as what hurts kids when it comes to divorce. Because I know you want the absolute best for your children, I want to share this information. By following the simple rules offered in this course, your child's self esteem will not only remain intact, but continue to grow.  Divorce doesn't have to be a devastating event for your child. Yes, there are changes to adapt to, but I know what's really important to you, as a parent, is your child's confidence, happiness, and ultimate success. After completing the course, you will: 1) know the behaviors that are most damaging to your child. 2) understand the benefits of getting along with your ex. 3) have the tools to prevent or reduce your child's anxiety. 4) appreciate the enormity of your impact as your child's primary role model. 5) know what to share with your child as well as what not to share. 6) learn how to best handle dating and re-marriage with your child. 7) know whether your child is an introvert or an extrovert and how to manage his or her individual needs. 8) be aware of the values you wish to pass on to your child. By taking this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to foster high self- esteem in your child, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're taking positive action in the your child's best interest. The course consists of 8 short animated videos with a brief quiz after each video. The video content takes 33 minutes to complete. The only materials necessary will be a desktop or laptop computer.    

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