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Harassment Prevention - California Supervisors - 2020 Compliant

Harassment Prevention - California Supervisors - 2020 Compliant

**This course meets the 2020 California requirement, and the 2018 requirement of SB  1343 - To include training on gender identity and gender expression harassment, as well as the AB 1825 Supervisor Requirements.** This training is a valuable tool for organizations to provide awareness, education, and competencies to help protect your workforce from all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination, bullying, and retaliation. This course is compliant with California AB 1825 (companies with 50+ employees), including new state requirements for retaliation and discrimination, and is required training for all California Supervisors.   This interactive course utilizes video, audio, animation, and engaging multi-tiered assessments to reinforce the learning in a fun and informative way. The course takes approximately 2 hours - which is the required course length for California Supervisors. The HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) has pre-approved this activity for two (2) Specified Credit Hours.

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in California - Training for Supervisors (AB1825) Course

Preventing Sexual Harassment in California - Training for Supervisors (AB1825) Course

California law mandates that supervisors receive two hours of training every two years on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. This course meets the requirements of CA Govt. Code Sec. 12950.1, including information and practical guidance regarding state and federal laws, how to prevent, respond to, and correct sexual harassment, remedies available to persons subject to harassment, and the potential for liability. Duration: 132 minutes

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SB396: LGBT Rights in California Workplaces Course

SB396: LGBT Rights in California Workplaces Course

California is at the forefront of rights for transgender citizens and now has put these rights into law as mandatory training for all supervisors in organizations with 50 or more employees with Senate Bill 396. All supervisors must be specifically trained on harassment and discrimination because of gender identity, gender expression, transitioning, or sexual orientation. This course covers: The California definition of gender expression, gender identity, transgender, sexual orientation  Hostile Environment harassment Retaliation for filing a harassment or discrimination complaint. the consequences of violating the law. Perpetrating harassment or discrimination that affects tangible employment actions Requiring workers to tolerate harassment as a condition of employment Harassing or discriminating against workers because of a perception which is not true. Making employment decisions on gender stereotypes. Types of inappropriate behavior that are illegal. The laws pertaining to restroom and locker room use Grooming and and dressing according to gender identity. Gender-specific uniforms Gender rights for company activities. The right to be addressed by the name of their choice and with pronouns that reflect gender identity. Rules on jobs or duties that correspond to their gender identity or gender expression How and when to communicate about gender identity Proof of identity rules. Hiring rules pertaining to transgender applicants. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing The right to file a lawsuit in civil court The right to receive compensatory and punitive damages. Independent contractors Posting the DFEH poster

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California Supervisor 2 Hour AB1825 Sexual Harassment Course

California Supervisor 2 Hour AB1825 Sexual Harassment Course

This 2018 production is a full 2-hour California Supervisor Sexual Harassment course designed to satisfy California's AB1825 requirements.  California takes sexual harassment very seriously and it's vital that your supervisors become experts on the law, so they can avoid harassment themselves and prevent and respond to it among the workforce they supervise. The course contains: 2 hours of video and interactive content 78 quiz questions An AB2053 abusive conduct module. A module on the protected groups in California Content covering all the information required by the Department of Fair Employment & Housing. Hypothetical harassment scenarios that require supervisors to make decisions. An analysis of real California court cases. Coverage of all federal laws. Quid pro quo harassment Hostile environment harassment Harassment outside of the company's property and business hours How to protect yourself from harassment claims Complaint Procedures. What to do when accused of harassment

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