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Understanding Investing - The Standard Package (UI)

Understanding Investing - The Standard Package (UI)

UI is our standard package. Here, you will have access to all six of our colourful coursework "Stations" and your travel pass will entitle you to take a tour of our imaginary city whenever it suits you. In this journey, you will meet many remarkable personalities, such as Gauss, Bernoulli, Cervantes, Markowitz, Medici and Hypatia, each of whom will unfold for you a different aspect of the mysteries of this fascinating subject we call investing!  You will also have full access to our comprehensive question bank and will be able to take the interactive quizzes from each Station at a leisurely pace, whenever and as many times as you like, without being formally scored. Then, when you are ready, you can take our assessment to test the knowledge you have gained and, upon successful passing, to receive your certificate of completion. 

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