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Business Chinese

Business Chinese

Welcome to business Chinese! My name is Hong Zeng, an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American universities, such as University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, College of William and Mary, Swarthmore College, Carleton College and Hamline University. I have taught Chinese language at all levels, including courses in business Chinese. I have two PhDs in Chinese and comparative language literature, and published 5 books in America well endorsed by world-renowned experts in these fields. Many American students taught by me have found jobs in prestigious business companies or in China using their learned Chinese skill.  Since China has risen to be the biggest economic body in the world and an preeminent supplier in the world market, learning business Chinese will greatly boost your business with China. Through this course, you can learn the fundamental aspects of Mandarin Chinese used in conducting business. It has five sections and around 40 lectures, altogether 6 hours. The sections are as following: 1)introduction; 2) business reception, including welcoming your business guests, arranging business meal, taking taxi, registering for the hotel and changing foreign currency; 3) business negotiation, including negotiation of price, packaging, shipping, minimum order and signing the contract; 4) find business partners, including lectures on looking for supplier, joint business partner, sales agent, etc; 5) Amazon FBA business, including participating in Hong Kong trade exhibition, and contacting Chinese suppliers listed on Alibaba. For each topic on one specific business occasion, there are three lectures: the first lecture teaches and practices the vocabulary and grammar used on that business occasion, and provides sentence by sentence explanation for the business dialogue text. I designed the video by putting my instruction and your practice in close propinquity: after each slide where I taught the vocabulary, grammar and the text, I will give me two minutes to memorize these contents on the speaking and listening level, and in the very next slide is your reviewing and practice of these language information out of the memory: you will translate the short English phrases---the key phrases for that particular business situation into Chinese. Make sure you translate before I give you the correct answer. The second lecture is your text practice of business dialogue under my drilling (you read after me sentence by sentence to ensure the accuracy of your pronunciation and answer questions about the dialogue text, make sure you answer the question before I provide the correct answer), the third lecture is an acting/performing video of that dialogue to reinforce your learned and practiced business language. Listen to it and try to comprehend it without looking at the text, observing how I pronounce the sounds so that you  can pronounce correctly.   As to study schedule, for each lesson, you need two-three days depending on whether you want to memorize the writing of Chinese characters. If you only want to master the business dialogue on the speaking and listening level without having to remember their written form of Chinese characters, you can spend only two days on each lesson, half an hour each day: the first day you will watch the first lecture on the vocabulary, grammar and text explanation, and practice them according to my instructions after each slide. For the second day you will watch the second lecture on text practice, read after me sentence by sentence, imitating closely my pronunciation. Answer my questions about the text before provide the correct answers. You will also watch the third lecture on acting videos of the business dialogue, make sure you can understand them, and speak them accurately on your own. You will need 20 days to finish all the ten lessons. If you want to master the dialogues on both speaking, listening and writing level, you can spend the third day of your schedule on practice writing the Chinese characters. For both kinds of learners, if you are not acquainted with the sound and writing system of Chinese and writing stroke order,  it is important for you to purchase my other two courses, “College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own” beginning and intermediate level, in which I have introduced these knowledge, so that you can pronounce the words accurately and practice writing the characters in the correct stroke order. If you want to master the business dialogue on both speaking and writing level, it takes you about one month to finish the whole course, since studying each lesson takes three days.  This course is meticulously designed so it can be extremely useful, comprehensive for teaching you the language to conduct business with China. Through learning this course, you would be very confident to conduct business with China in authentic, elegant business Chinese.  Any students interested in learning Business Chinese can take this course, because its detailed explanation on vocabulary, grammar and text facilitates learning from the scratch. However, since business Chinese is understandably more formal and sophisticated in vocabulary than daily Chinese, it is strongly advised that students would take my other two courses, "College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own" beginning and intermediate level to learn the basic Chinese sound, writing and grammar system as necessary preparation for this course. Now start learning business Chinese and taps into the inexhaustible opportunity in the world’s largest market---China!

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