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Employee Discipline Course

Employee Discipline Course

This module will take about 55 minutes to complete. Hate those awkward moments when you have to ‘deal’ with inappropriate or ineffective behavior? Make those moments an experience of the past by learning how to appropriately discipline an employee. With proper implementation of the skills taught in this course, you will find that those ‘awkward moments’ are few and far between resulting in a better experience for everyone, as well as your overall results.

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Progressive Discipline Course

Progressive Discipline Course

This course will take approximately 21 minutes to complete. This training presentation will explain the steps of progressive discipline and help you use this disciplinary system consistently and fairly to manage employee behavior and performance. At the end of the training session, you will be able to apply progressive discipline steps fairly and consistently, identify laws and policy requirements affecting discipline, conduct effective disciplinary meetings, and document disciplinary action properly.

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Discipline Course

Discipline Course

This course will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. When employee behavior needs correcting, make sure your team knows how to do it without creating even more problems. Importance of discipline Know your company policy Defining progressive discipline Choosing the right time and place to discipline Keeping emotions in check Confidentiality rules When to involve Witnesses in disciplinary meetings Investigation rules Keeping discussion on track Issuing a proportionate response Treating male and female employees the same Focus on productivity and impact on coworkers Objectivity in written warnings FMLA implications

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