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Structured Scenario Selection

Structured Scenario Selection

Here is a FREE sample video tutorial for your review. We walk you through how to structure your input sheets for FAST Scenario Control. By setting up your input sheets as described in this video tutorial, you will no longer need to use Excel's inferior built-in Scenario Manager. We hope that you find this tutorial helpful, and that it gives you a good idea of what to expect from our world-class online training.

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Effective Speed Reading E-learning Course

Effective Speed Reading E-learning Course

Learn how to read faster...MUCH faster... ...and UNDERSTAND better ...and REMEMBER more Based on over 30 years of using speed reading techniques and 17 years of teaching the techniques all over the world, the focus on this unique course is on speed AND comprehension...reading for knowledge EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY. On this unique course, you will learn: - a strategy that you can apply flexibly to ALL reading for knowledge and information - exactly how your eyes and brain work together when you are reading - and how to use that information to accelerate your reading dramatically - specific techniques to read faster AND understand better - the one technique that will make everything else you learn even more effective - the importance of the right mindset - how memory works during and after reading - and how to use that knowledge to make sure you remember whatever you need to - HOW to practice so that reading quickly, becomes a habit and a lifelong skill Objectives: Read MUCH faster - two to three times your current reading speed Improve your comprehension Understand how memory works and how to use that understanding to your advantage Become far more efficient and more effective when reading for knowledge and studying Learn a strategy for reading for information and knowledge Understand how to take the knowledge of how to read faster and turn it into a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life   Duration: 90 Minutes

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FAST Financial Modelling: Level 1 Certification

FAST Financial Modelling: Level 1 Certification

Faster, Better, Cheaper: Do you want to be more proficient and efficient in Excel?  FAST Modeling Certification is an online course that covers all the design and construction skills you’ll need as a foundation for financial modeling.  Our training follows the methods endorsed by, a non-profit industry standards body.  Instructional videos presented by John Richter, author of the FAST Standard and Stanford University visiting instructor,  take you step-by-step, as we cover such topics as Excel setup, the Model Build Process, Balances, and more.  Upon passing the assessments you will be sent a certificate stating that you are FAST Financial Modelling: Level 1 Certified. What is FAST Modeling? The FAST Modelling Standard is a set of rules providing guidance on the structure and design of efficient spreadsheets for financial models. FAST Modeling provides three core components: Effecient and error-reducing model construction techniques A clear route to good model design for the individual modeller; and A common style platform enabling modellers and reviewers to work efficiently when passing models amongst themselves. Components 2 and 3 are further detailed in the FAST Modeling Standard, as document available for download at FREE Sample Tutorial! Enter your email address below to get instant access to our Structured Scenario Control tutorial Email:   Leading Companies Trust Our Training Lets get started! Whether you are a professional wanting to improve you and your teams skills or just looking to build your resume; this Certification is for you.

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