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Introduction of Chinese Sound and Writing System

Introduction of Chinese Sound and Writing System

This free course is the beginning section of a 6-course college Mandarin Chinese Curriculum, sold separately as well as in bundle form. The first step to learning Mandarin Chinese is learning the sound system called pinyin. In this beginner Chinese course, learn about the Chinese sound system and the writing system. Start off with simple finals, tones, and initials; then, move onto compound finals, tones, and initials in order to practice Chinese pinyin. Discover Chinese writing system, written Chinese characters and meaningful component of characters—the Chinese radicals, and even get a lesson on Chinese culture—studying poetry, painting, calligraphy, and philosophy. This bundled course series following this free course are composed of 7 courses, Business Chinese and a six-course sequence of Mandarin College curriculum from beginning to advanced level. The College Chinese curriculum sequence allows you to learn within 6 months three years' college Chinese curriculum and save you 36000 dollars of college tuition, based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar and situational dialogues as standard in-classroom college Chinese curriculum. The beginning level of this sequence is ranked no. 1 in student reveiw and sales in Chinese language category. Its design simulates to a great extent the teacher-student interaction in the classroom, such as found in oral exercises of answering questions, reading after the teacher, describing pictures, translation and grammar drill, etc. By using hundreds of entertaining pictures that immediately tests your application of learned language information after every slide, this course brings teaching, reviewing, testing and application of language into a quick succession simulating the cognitive mode of immersive learning of language. Therefore, it combines the benefits of classroom teaching, Rosetta Stone Chinese and online learning while avoiding their shortcomings. The two courses in the beginning level encompasses topics such as greetings, family, dates and time, hobbies, visit friends, make appointment, study Chinese, school life, go shopping, traffic, weather, dining, ask direction, birthday party. The two courses in the intermediate level include topics such as see a doctor, dating and courtship, rent an apartment, sports, book air tickets, go to airport, Chinese festivals, cities, Chinese schools of cuisine, criterial for purchasing goods, choosing a a major, dating, benefits and harm of computer age ; The two courses in the advanced level includes social topics such as whether college students should do part-time jobs, the comparison of chidren's education in China and in America, comparison of Chinese and American festivals, Chinese georgraphy and tourist spots, the huge change of Chinese society since reform and open door policy, health, diet and physical exercises in China, gender equality, environmental protection, money management, Chinese history, job interview, foreigners' work life in China. Business Chinese encompasses the essential usage of Chinese in business situations. Since China has risen to be the biggest economic body in the world, learning business Chinese will greatly boost your business with China, the biggest supplier in the world market.Through this course, you can learn the fundamental aspects and essential usage of Mandarin Chinese used in conducting business, such as business reception, including welcoming your business guests, arranging business meal, taking taxi, registering for the hotel and changing foreign currency; business negotiation, including negotiation of price, packaging, shipping, minimum order and signing the contract;  find business partners, including lectures on looking for supplier, joint business partner, sales agent,etc; Amazon FBA business, including participating in Hong Kong trade exhibition, and contacting Chinese suppliers listed on Alibaba. since business Chinese is understandably more formal and sophisticated in vocabulary than daily Chinese, it is strongly advised that students would take my other two courses, "College Mandarin Chinese curriculum beginning and intermediate level first to learn the basic Chinese sound, writing and grammar system as necessary preparation for this course. After learning this free course, you will be well-acquainted with Chinese sound and writing system. Then purchase the whole bundle---College Mandarin Chinese Curriculum (From Beginning to advanced level, 6- courses) that allows you to learn 3 years of standard college Chinese curriculum in just 6 months and save 36000 dollars of college tuition as well as the Business Chinese Course that would allow your business to soar!

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