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Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return (UI+)

Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return (UI+)

In this course, we will take you through a journey of imagining and visualising the relationship between risk and return, these quarrelsome and often misunderstood siblings of the investment world. You will see them in an entirely different light by the time you reach the end of this enlightening trip! Here you will discover the multi-faceted nature of this relationship through visualisation, imagination, simulation and analysis. You will learn that risk and return are euphemisms for fear and greed – perhaps the most primordial of human sentiments – and that far from being a scary monster, risk is, in fact, the driver of return: “Without risk, there will be little or no return”, our resident Professor tells us! He also explains that risk is best viewed through a prism of statistics and event probability; as such, it can be visualised as a “range of probable return outcomes around an average value”. To add to your learning experience, in this package you will also have access to our "Learning Lounge", which is designed for those who wish to delve deeper into a subject and get to know its nuts and bolts, so to speak!

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