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Learn Microsoft Project - Milestones & Project Health - (beginner)

Learn Microsoft Project - Milestones & Project Health - (beginner)

Do you want to learn Microsoft Project but you have NO prior experience with it? With this e-course for beginners you will be able to report your project status and major milestones using MS Project, complete and within 10 minutes. To make your life easier, we only focus on the most important buttons. What will you be able to do after the course? In this online training you will learn step by step how to provide a weekly status update to your manager or client on the overall project status and the expected delivery dates for your main deliverables. The complexity of MS Project is kept low as your main focus is to get familiar with the interface of MS Project and what the purpose of using this program is. There will be absolutely no reason why you should not be able to deliver a report to your stakeholders within one day after you finished the course, in a format they will love. This is the first Maturity Level in our series of five, after which you are a true heavy-weight in MS Project scheduling and after which you will have a project schedule and reporting structure that outperforms 95% of all the project schedules out there.

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Learn MS Project - Become A PRO! 5-course Bundle

Learn MS Project - Become A PRO! 5-course Bundle

MS Project 2013/2016 e-course – PRO There never was a more complete course in MS Project, perfectly categorized on the different topics for later reference. From the author: "We took all our knowledge, tips and trics and put it in one learning path. The people that have completed all 5 levels, I now consider them to be my peers and are able to level on every single topic". The course is organized such that by only doing the quizzes and exercises in MS Project, you will have a fair understanding on how to implement it in your own project. This course is designed for the project manager that want to get started quickly (processes, lean&mean, and does not necessarily need to prepare for a MS Exam (buttons)! The 5 courses will cover the topics: 1) Milestones & Project Health 2) Task Management 3) Critical Path Management 4) Resource Management 5) Cost Management  

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