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Wisconsin Class A/B UST Operator Training

Hello Wisconsin Class A/B UST operators! Our self-paced course is now online and approved by the State of Wisconsin. Overview: Wisconsin Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirements while learning everything you need to know to be an effective UST operator. Self-Paced: This option allows users to watch 10 lessons online instead of attending a live webinar. Users take each lesson any time that is convienent. Great for experienced operators. Total lesson viewing time is about 2.5 to 3 hours plus a 1-hour exam. This course is approved by the State of Wisconsin. System Requirements: Computer speakers High speed Internet Latest Flash Player What Wisconsin UST operators liked about the training: "I fully appreciated the structure, video quality and overall 'natural tone' to it's content delivery." "Straightforward and to the point. I enjoyed the course and being able to take the modules in and out over several days worked around my busy schedule!" "Overall very good! Much better than some other online courses I recently took. The man speaking actually knows whaat he is saying, not a mere voice actor." Choose an account option that works best for you: Single User is perfect for one person to take Class A/B or Class C training or both. User email required. Training Kiosk is a great option for small to medium group of users who need any combination of Class A/B or Class C training. 
Email required for account administrator only.  Single login credential shared for the whole group. Training University is good for medium to larger companies with a mix of Class A/B and/or C operators who also need more advanced reporting and tracking features.
 Email required for all users. Each user has own login credentials. Refresher: A refresher training is not required unless the UST owner receives a violation notice for significant non-compliance. We do encourage voluntary refreshers to help you stay fresh on the content. Need Class C training as well? Register your Class C operators by clicking here

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Wisconsin Class C UST Operator Training

UST Training's New 2017 version of out Class C UST Operator Training course is a simple and effective way to learn about Underground Storage Tanks (UST) safety, hazard awareness, and emergency response What you get: Certification as a Class C Operator of an Underground Storage Tank (UST) system. Included are five brief interactive lessons, a short quiz, useful handouts, and a certificate of completion once you pass the course. Approval: Our Class C course is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (formerly Department of Commerce). System Requirements: All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers. Choose an account option that works best for you: Single user: One person can take one course or multiple courses. Good for one person to be Class C and Class A/B operator. User email required. Multiple Users/Single Course: (called “Training Kiosk”) Simple account option good for a number of users for a single course like a small to medium company with many Class C UST operators. Email required only for account administrator. Multiple Users/Multiple Courses: (called “Training University”) A good option for medium to larger companies with a mix of Class A/B and C operators. Email required for all users.

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