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California Supervisor 2 Hour Mini Evaluation Course

California Supervisor 2 Hour Mini Evaluation Course

This is an evaluation mini-course of the full course available for sell.  Here is the link for the full course: This 2017 production is a full 2-hour California Supervisor Sexual Harassment course designed to satisfy California's AB1825 requirements.  California takes sexual harassment very seriously and it's vital that your supervisors become experts on the law, so they can avoid harassment themselves and prevent and respond to it among the workforce they supervise. The course contains: 2 hours of video and interactive content 78 quiz questions An AB2053 abusive conduct module. A module on the protected groups in California Content covering all the information required by the Department of Fair Employment & Housing. Hypothetical harassment scenarios that require supervisors to make decisions. An analysis of real California court cases. Coverage of all federal laws. Quid pro quo harassment Hostile environment harassment Harassment outside of the company's property and business hours How to protect yourself from harassment claims Complaint Procedures. What to do when accused of harassment  

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