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Cyber Security Course

Cyber Security Course

By some estimates, over 90% of security breaches can be prevented by simple security awareness. This course is designed for everyday computer users and will help identify and prevent common cyber threats through awareness and the development of basic good habits.  

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Cybersecurity for Employees Course

Cybersecurity for Employees Course

This brand new 2018 video course focuses on stopping the ever-growing threat of cyber theft. The program, designed for all employees, teaches the subject in language that even a non-technical person can understand. Cybersecurity is in the hands of employees. Despite billions of dollars spent protecting organizational networks, the real threat comes from within. Hackers focus their energies on tricking naive employees into giving up passwords and other confidential data. This is much easier than attacking a technologically advanced firewall. Just one mistake from one employee can give them the keys to an entire network. This cybersecurity course covers: The cost of data theft Passwords How hackers uncover passwords How hackers use passwords E-mail Phishing Social engineering WiFi security Home networks USB drives Websites Security updates Protecting social media accounts

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Cyber Security of the SPIDERS Microgrid Network & How it Applies to the Industry at Large (Course)

Cyber Security of the SPIDERS Microgrid Network & How it Applies to the Industry at Large (Course)

Originally Presented: July 16, 2015 Course Length: 1.5 Hours Course Credit Hours: 1.5 PDHs Moderator: Robert Bradford, Director of Technical Consulting, Burns & McDonnell Speakers: Fred Terry, Federal Cybersecurity Practice Lead, Burns & McDonnell Ross Roley, SPIDERS Operational Manager, US Pacific Command Course Overview: SPIDERS, not the creepy, crawling, eight-legged insects we fear, but Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS), is the acronym connecting clean energy and cyber security. SPIDERS is a Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Energy (DoE) partnership project designed to keep critical military facilities in operation in the event of grid outages while making use of clean, locally sourced energy. A major challenge of the project is averting military bases away from over-reliance on diesel-powered backup generators and re-directing them toward hybrid systems integrating solar power, hydrogen fuel cells and local energy sources. Learn which cyber security threats affect the grid, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems during the July 16th webinar, Cyber security of the SPIDERS Microgrid Network & How It Applies to the Industry at Large, and earn 1.5 PDHs. This webinar explores an overview of cyber security threats, the SPIDERS microgrid, Red Team exercises against the microgrid network. SCADA managers in the Energy Transmission & Distribution sectors, individuals involved in Industrial Control System networks, as well as DoD personnel and contractors responsible for DoD security, will be learning directly from industry experts, Fred Terry, Federal Cyber Security Practice Lead at Burns & McDonnell and Ross Roley, SPIDERS Operational Manager at the US Pacific Command.

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