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Cybersecurity for Employees Course

Cybersecurity for Employees Course

This brand new 2018 video course focuses on stopping the ever-growing threat of cyber theft. The program, designed for all employees, teaches the subject in language that even a non-technical person can understand. Cybersecurity is in the hands of employees. Despite billions of dollars spent protecting organizational networks, the real threat comes from within. Hackers focus their energies on tricking naive employees into giving up passwords and other confidential data. This is much easier than attacking a technologically advanced firewall. Just one mistake from one employee can give them the keys to an entire network. This cybersecurity course covers: The cost of data theft Passwords How hackers uncover passwords How hackers use passwords E-mail Phishing Social engineering WiFi security Home networks USB drives Websites Security updates Protecting social media accounts

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Employee Security Awareness Training (Course)

Employee Security Awareness Training (Course)

No Server Patch, Firewall, or Antivirus Software will fix the most overlooked weakness within Information Security. The human element is to blame for the majority of company breaches – Making a companies most valuable asset their greatest liability. This Online Security Awareness Training Lowers Corporate Risk by Increasing Employee Awareness. Course Outline: Importance of Security Awareness Where Breaches can occur Security Awareness is for Everyone Social Engineering Awareness Types of Social Engineering Phishing Vishing Baiting Social Engineering Prevention Physical Security Importance of Physical Security Types of Physical Breaches: Entrances Secure Areas Improper Waste Disposal Report Suspicious Activity! Computing Safety Importance of Computer Security Types of Computer Breaches: Unknown Software Unsafe Web Browsing Unknown Storage Devices Email Security Social Media Mobile Computing Breach Prevention Strong Passwords Antivirus Updates and Patches

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