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Difficult Customer Techniques Course

Difficult Customer Techniques Course

Customers have their own expectations and what service means to them. When these expectations are not met and the customer becomes displeased they may just walk away from your business.   In this 10 minute interactive video module we will look at how to effectively manage difficult customers and situations and ensure we dont lose them as a customer by looking at the following areas: New techniques and ideas on managing difficult customers. Using the Sorry, Glad, Sure technique. How close and finish conversations. 

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The Confident Supervisor - Difficult Conversations Course

The Confident Supervisor - Difficult Conversations Course

This Course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Like everyone else in an organization, supervisors face times when difficult conversations are necessary. Though the subject matter may vary, the feelings of dread are the same, both for employees receiving the news and the supervisors who must do the dirty work. Those who go into such conversations armed with effective tips and techniques will be far more likely to solve problems than those who dread the confrontation that may be necessary. Supervisors need an understanding that: Tough conversations are called for with several types of employees, including bullies, procrastinators, saboteurs, incompetent, excuse-givers, etc. Lasting solutions are possible when specific, detailed objectives are determined in advance and appropriate counseling techniques are followed consistently. Preparation for the conversations is certainly necessary, but so is prompt follow-up and thorough documentation.

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