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High Performance Incentive Contracting

High Performance Incentive Contracting

Course Title: High Performance Incentive Contracting Course Presenters: Diana R. Hoag & Matthew B. Ellis Course Length: 5 Modules / 3.25 Hours Course Credit Hours: 4 Hours Course Overview: Design-build project delivery proves more than any other method that “ordinary people can do extraordinary things.” Writing contracts that are successful at effectively motivating people, however, is central to making this happen. Successful motivation requires a well-written contract that provides appropriate awards and incentives. In traditional design-bid-build, contracts often contemplate only failure, with provisions and clauses that address what the adverse consequences will be once failure occurs. This presumption of failure results in contracts that do not contemplate how the contracting parties might appropriately reward one another for success and excellent performance. The most powerful design-build contracts, on the other hand, are written to include things such as award fees and incentives to promote cooperation, teamwork and collaboration. Combined with the effective use of performance requirements, these “aspirational contracts” help the contracting parties to achieve extraordinary success. At the end of this course attendees will be able to: Describe the basic structure of a design-build contract Define and delineate between award fees and incentives Describe the mechanics of incentive and award fee arrangements Identify various clauses and checklists used in incentive contracting Attachments: HP Contracting-Module 1 (handouts) HP Contracting-Module 2 (handouts) HP Contracting-Module 3 (handouts) HP Contracting-Module 4 (handouts) HP Contracting-Module 5 (handouts) Diana R. Hoag - Presenter Bio Matthew B. Ellis - Presenter Bio Use of Stipends Best Value Selection Contract Incentives and Design-Build, Rethinking Acquisition Strategies Integrated Project Delivery Organization of DB Entity Role of Qualification in Selection of a Design-Builder Wedges 2-5 Preamble_4 Mar 06 Sample Linked Incentives Contract Clause_4 Mar 06 Sample Award Fee Contract Clause_4 Mar 06 Exerpts from DBIA Guide 530_4 Mar 06

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