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Forklift Operator Safety Course

Forklift Operator Safety Course

This course will take approximately 24 minutes to complete. This session is designed to help you become a better and safer forklift operator. If you’re an experienced operator, this session may remind you of safe habits and work practices that you might have forgotten. If you’re a brand-new operator, this session will show you the operating practices you need to follow to be a safe operator. Why Training about "Forklift Operator Safety Training" Matters Forklifts can be very dangerous—in an average year, 100 people die in forklift-related accidents and 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift mishaps. Tens of thousands of forklift-related injuries occur each year, and about 20,000 of these result in lost workdays. Common forklift-related injuries could result from: Hitting a pedestrian with a forklift, Forklift tipover, Improperly positioned loads, Falling from the forks or from a platform positioned on the forks, Falling from a ladder that is struck by a forklift, and Being struck by materials that fall from a forklift.

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