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Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals Course

Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals Course

This video-based course focuses on making the performance appraisal an extraordinary experience for managers and employees. Appraisals serve as an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and coaching as well as a time to give recognition and inspiration.  Additionally appraisals should be part of a year long process of performance improvement rather than just a once a year meeting  Performance appraisals are only meaningful when they have direct, ongoing influence on an employee’s behavior and performance.  Topics Covered in the Program: Preparation Documentation Performance Logs Conducting a job analysis Employee Self-Appraisals Best practices for appraisal forms Best practices for appraisal meetings Keeping appraisals objective and job related Goal setting Follow through This course includes a full HD video and employee quiz.

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Benchmarking Best Practices

Benchmarking Best Practices

Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring one's products, services, and practices against the toughest competitors, or those recognized as industry leaders. Benchmarking can help your organization anticipate changes, develop performance targets, and gain insight into the reasons for differences in performance. This course will help you learn how to benchmark, learn about different types of benchmarking, and discover opportunities for benchmarking in your organization!

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