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Write Better Email Introduction Course

Welcome to the Write Better Email series of courses, which aim to help you spend less time on email and become more productive in your work life. In this introductory course, you’ll learn the best practices that can get you the results you want with email, the first time.

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Write Better Email: Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by practicing how to write effective business emails. Users will learn email-writing strategies and best practices that they can begin using right away. Through hands-on writing exercises and a quiz, they will learn how to write business emails that avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth and gets the results they want the first time.

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Write Better Email: Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Course

In this course, users will learn how to save up to an hour a day at work by incorporating the elements of effective email into their email writing. They'll learn what gets an email noticed, opened, read, and acted upon promptly. Through interactive exercises, they'll be able to write more effective emails using these elements.

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Write Better Email: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Course

In this course, users will find out how to save up to an hour a day by learning when it makes sense to use email and when not to use email. They'll learn about the four best uses for business email: to inform, to make requests, to answer questions, and to document. The course walks users through plenty of examples, and a quiz at the end tests what they have learned.

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Write Better Email Master Course: Learn How To Save Time, Frustration, and Get the Results You Want Course

In this course, your users will learn how to write business emails more effectively and save up to an hour a day at work. Your organization's productivity will soar with fewer back-and-forth email exchanges and email chains. Through hands-on exercises and quizzes, users will understand the principles of effective email and practice writing email that gets the results they want the first time. This master course combines three Write Better Email courses: Learn the Best Uses for Business Email Learn What Makes an Effective Business Email Learn How To Write an Effective Business Email

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Organizational Skills Course

Organizational Skills Course

Developing good Organizational Skill is an investment that will provide benefits for years. To be successful means to be organized. These skills will filter through all aspects of your participants professional and personal lives. Throughout this workshop your participants will be given the tools necessary in developing better Organizational Skills. Through Organizational Skills your participants will encounter improved productivity, better management, and an overall increase in professional growth. Every day people waste numerous amounts of time looking for items. So stop looking for those important items, and start knowing where they are by getting organized. Workshop Objectives: Examine current habits and routines that are not organized Learn to prioritize your time schedule and daily tasks Determine ways of storing information and supplies Learn to organize personal and work space Learn to resist procrastination Make plans to stay organized in the future

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Reclaim Your Time (Course)

Reclaim Your Time (Course)

What really separates the world’s top achiever and highly successful people is that they know how to manage their time better even though there’s only 24 hours in a day.  Reclaim Your Time is the ultimate video guide if you want to manage your time better, double your productivity, and get more things done so you can accomplish so much more than you could ever imagine. You will learn everything you need to know about time management, prioritization & productivity.  You will: Get more things done in less time and effort Experience exponential income growth without working longer hours Dominate your life by becoming the absolute best version of yourself Create a massive impact in your own life and create positive influence to the people around you Live a purposeful life and leave behind a legacy that will last forever Become the top performer in your personal & professional life Be more positive, creative, high-energy & always motivated Topics covered: Managing People Around You Get to Know Yourself Define Your Goals How Productive Is Your Environment? Develop Your Skills The People Around You Matter Personal Time Management Easy Tricks to Greater Time Management

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Power Of Execution Course

Power Of Execution Course

Goal setting is the process of deciding what you would like to accomplish and then make a plan to achieve the desired result. Now while everyone has goals and aspirations, not everyone knows how to achieve those goals. Discover effective strategies on how to executing your goals and realize all your dreams easily!  With this 10-part video course you will: Discover your true goals that align with who you are inside instead of what society wants out of you. Build a strategy that will take you and your business from small-time to empire-size! Learn the negotiation and judgment skills that will bring in ‘giants’ to work for you. Destroy the self-limiting fear of failure that every person has in their mind.

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Save Time With Better Email

Save Time With Better Email

Save Time With Better Email is the course that will show you how you can save up to an hour a day at work by writing more effective email. You'll get fewer emails while at the same time getting better results. You’ll also save yourself a lot of frustration and get the results you want the first time without a lot of unnecessary back and forth. After you finish this course, you’ll be able to spend less time on email and become a productive superstar.   

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Purpose Driven Time Management (Course)

Purpose Driven Time Management (Course)

We may have just what you are looking for and it’s called Purpose Driven Time Management. Purpose Driven Time Management consists of 7 core elements, that when in place “not enough hours in the day” will no longer form part of your vocabulary. Purpose Driven Time Management is about finding your purpose, looking at the bigger picture, making the most of what and who you have around you and having the ability to say no so that YOU are in control of your life and managing it more effectively.

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Knowledge Management: Knowledge Sharing Skills Everyone Can Master

Knowledge Management: Knowledge Sharing Skills Everyone Can Master

Knowledge Sharing 101: How to get 35-50% more out of your support team with the people and technology you already have. Following the application of the information and techniques in this class across your team will also enable you to shorten by up to 70% the time it takes to get new members of the team up to speed and working independently. At the end of this module Learners will demonstrate end-to-end knowledge management skills including: How to and why you should begin by searching a common knowledge tool or repository How to update existing articles How to create a quality knowledge article with lasting value to the organization Basic experience writing a good article A keen understanding of the benefits of sharing knowledge and the disadvantages of not sharing knowledge Dispelling common myths of knowledge sharing in order to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls Pass a test on basic Knowledge Sharing

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Designing for Productivity in the User eXperience

Designing for Productivity in the User eXperience

Scroll down to enroll. This course is course number D15.2 from a comprehensive online curriculum on User eXperience (UX) currently under development by top experts in the field through The Online User eXperience Institute (OUXI). COURSE CONTENT This is an in-depth course on a particular aspect of designing for the User eXperience. Overall user experience with software applications and websites is impacted by five key qualities of their user interface: · Utility (is the content/functionality useful to intended users?) · Usability (is it easy to learn and accomplish tasks?) · Graphic Design (is the visual design aesthetically pleasing?) · Persuasiveness (are desired actions supported and motivated?) · Functional Integrity (does it work smoothly without bugs or crashes?) The usability of a user interface can be further subdivided into two separate qualities: · Ease-of-learning (is it easy to learn how to accomplish tasks?) · Ease-of-use (can tasks be accomplished quickly and easily once learned?) The terms ease-of-learning and ease-of-use are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. In fact, they often come into direct conflict with one another in user interface design. That is, a user interface that feels easy-to-learn to novices may soon come to feel tedious and inefficient as they gain expertise, especially if they are high frequency users. Similarly, a user interface with a steep learning curve may eventually come to feel powerful, flexible and highly efficient once a user is trained and using it frequently. Ease-of-learning is usually more important to novice, casual or intermittent users. Ease-of-use is usually more important to trained, high frequency, expert users. However, even casual, intermittent users, such as users of public websites, will notice – and be frustrated with - designs that limit their efficiency in obvious ways. Two overall topics are covered in this course: · Efficiency design guidelines · Efficiency evaluation techniques The course is a very concrete, "how-to" course. Both the design guidelines offered and the evaluation techniques taught have been researched, validated and refined by the User eXperience discipline over the past 30 years. The subset of 24 design guidelines for efficiency offered in this course were selected from the full body of knowledge on software and website usability to be: · Universal (i.e., applicable to most if not all applications and websites) · Easy to explain · Commonly violated · High impact (on user productivity) · Easy to implement They thus represent the "low-hanging fruit" in designing for software and website user efficiency. The rationale for each guideline is explained, and clear examples are offered to enhance understanding. Just as with code, usability design guidelines will only take you so far. In addition, you need evaluation techniques to assess designs for efficiency to insure an application or website will meet its business goals at launch. Earlier design changes are always easier and cheaper than late design changes. The three evaluation techniques taught in this course are: · Efficiency heuristic evaluations · Keystroke level modeling · Efficiency studies These different techniques can be used at different points in the design and development process to exploit opportunities to improve efficiency in the user interface design when it is most cost effective to do so. Learning the evaluation techniques also helps deepen the understanding of the design guidelines. COURSE FORMAT The course format is a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by a studio-recorded video of the instructor. The course includes a little over three hours of video (broken into short lectures) with PowerPoint slides, and roughly 1.5 - 2 hours of optional hands-on exercises, for which sample solutions are provided. Downloadable course materials include: · A set of general instructions for getting the most out of courses · The full PowerPoint presentation (in two formats - full slides, and two slides per page) · Live, Excel-based templates (used in exercises, and which you can also use as you apply your new skills on real development projects) · A handy guidelines checklist (for quick reference during design and evaluation tasks on the job) Please feel free to contact the instructor with any questions about this course at Dr. Mayhew is also available for coaching/mentoring to people who have completed this course and are putting their new skills to work on real projects. Inquire at: .

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