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Social Media Advanced Bundle

Social Media Advanced Bundle

This subscription level includes all the courses from the basic level, plus course about more specialized social media platforms and advanced courses focusing on social media guidelines, measurement, integration, automation, and optimization. All courses from basic level: Social Media 101: Business Essentials Blogging 101: Planning a Successful Blog Twitter Essentials Facebook Page Essentials LinkedIn Essentials Essentials PLUS: Google Plus Essentials Pinterest Essentials YouTube Essentials Social Media Analytics Essentials Social Media Widgets Essentials Social Media Integration Essentials Social Media Guidelines and Policies

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Social Media Widgets Essentials

Social Media Widgets Essentials

Build a robust and impressive online presence by learning to utilize social media widgets across all your Internet channels. Widgets are the tools that bind the Social Web. Widgets connect social media sites with blogs and websites; add interactivity and advanced features to websites; and help you share your content across the Internet. And widgets are the first step toward a solid integration plan for your entire social media presence. If you want to build a robust online presence, then you need to learn more than the basics about social media widgets. Follow author and new media expert Deltina Hay as she discusses beginning and advanced topics on social media widgets, plugins, APIs, and more in an accessible way that anyone can follow. Social Media Widgets Essentials' Topics include: An overview of buttons, badges, widgets, plugins, embed code, applications, and APIs Different types of widgets, such as social networking, RSS feed, and sharing widgets What widgets are, and the different ways they are implemented An introduction to plugins The widgets available on the blogging platform How plugins and widgets are used and implemented on a WordPress powered website How to create custom widgets An overview and demonstration of Twitter widgets and buttons A demonstration of Facebook social plugins and Facebook Page applications An overview and demonstration of LinkedIn buttons, badges, and Company Page plugins An exploration of Google Plus API tools and plugins If you are ready to stand out and build an truly impressive online presence, then you are ready for Social Media Widgets Essentials.

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