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Azure - SQL - Intermediate Course

Azure - SQL - Intermediate Course

Instructor: Norm Kennedy Level: Intermediate Subject: Microsoft Technical Duration: 00 Hours 42 Minutes Pre-requisites: Completion of Introduction to Azure course.   In this course, students will overview and provision Azure SQL. Students will also connect to Azure SQL DB, Migrate DB to Azure, work with SQL security and metrics, Configure SQL DB auditing, copy and export a database, use DB Self-Service Restore, and Use SQL DB Geo-Replication.

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SQL Server 2008 Introduction Course

SQL Server 2008 Introduction Course

This course introduces the user to SQL Server 2008 and the SQL Server Management Studio. It covers the basics from creating databases and tables, to learning how to query multiple tables. Once those basics are covered, the final exercise is understanding and creating Views and simple Stored Procedures. This course is designed to get the user up and running with SQL Server as quickly as possible. - Learn and understand how to create Views and simple Stored Procedures - Learn how to create databases, tables and how to  query multiple tables. Video Length: 231 Minutes

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