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Leading and Managing Effective Virtual Teams

Leading and Managing Effective Virtual Teams

Organizations are changing, and so are our offices. The new age millennials are shifting toward the virtual world. More and more organizations use virtual teams to meet corporate goals. This has created the need to determine how best to manage and lead these virtual groups. Traditional methods of managing on-site groups don’t work with remote workers, because virtual teams are most often composed of workers who are spread over a varied geographic and cultural expanse and communicate, for the most part, electronically. Future Workforce Report states that 63 percent of companies utilize virtual workers, but only 57 percent have standards in place to manage the process. In this lesson, you will learn to effectively guide teams that they rarely see face-to-face.

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Leading Virtual Teams - Beginner Course

Leading Virtual Teams - Beginner Course

The overall goal of this program is to enable managers to learn and apply a practical approach to leading virtual teams. This is an especially important skill because teams are now the fundamental way in which work gets done within organization and teams existing now across geographic areas and meet virtually. Blending best practice and the latest research, our emphasis is on helping managers understand how to lead these dispersed, virtual teams. Upon completion, each learner will have completed a series of exercises that will enable them both to better manage teams in a virtual world.

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Virtual Teams Course

Virtual Teams Course

Although virtual teams are formed for the same reasons and encounter many of the same obstacles as traditional teams, the geographical distances between members create unique challenges that must be overcome for team success. This course explores the effectiveness, success factors, and communication techniques that enhance virtual teams in the workplace.

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