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Overview of the POLCA Production Control System

POLCA is a simple, visual production control system for companies making high-mix, low-volume, and custom products. This card-based system manages the flow of jobs through the shop floor: at each operation, it controls which job should be worked on next to meet delivery targets. POLCA ensures that upstream operations use their capacity effectively by working on jobs that are needed downstream, while preventing excessive work-in-process (WIP) build-ups when bottlenecks appear unexpectedly. 

This course explains the key features of POLCA and uses animated examples to demonstrate how POLCA works. It also summarizes the benefits companies get from using POLCA.

This course is intended for managers and employees at all levels, and requires no prior knowledge of POLCA. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is possible to exit the course at any time and return to resume where you left off.

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