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Creative Writing Workshop


Category: Online Academic Training > Education/Training

This workshop, by multi-published novelist and educator Michelle Stimpson, consists of six modules with taped classroom sessions and corresponding handouts. Michelle will guide you from tailoring your initial idea all the way to publication and marketing.

Keywords: writing, creative writing, publishing, self-publish, editing, novel, book, memoir, book marketing

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Included Modules:
  • 6906

    1. Ideas - Video A great idea is the crux of an unforgettable story. Learn how to tailor your ideas to fit specific markets and start with the end in mind.

  • 6909

    2. Plot and Organization - Video Beyond the great idea is the actual “telling” of the story. Thorough plot and organization can make or break a will help you manage your creativity seamlessly so that readers have an appreciation for the flow of your work.

  • 6912

    3. Character and Viewpoint - Video One of the greatest compliments you can get from a reader is, “I could really relate to your characters!” Of course, this is no accident. Well-developed characters and the well-crafted viewpoint allow your readers to connect beyond the printed words.

  • 6914

    4. Voice and Word Choice - Video Voice is what keeps readers coming back to your work page after page, story after story, book after book. Though every work has its flaws at some level, voice forgives a multitude of sins and engages your reader from beginning to the end.

  • 6916

    5. Dialogue and Description - Video Dialogue and Description can make a novel come to life for the reader and help readers draw conclusions.

  • 6918

    6. The Road to Publication - Video Revising and submitting for publication are the next steps in getting your work into the hands of readers who will be touched by your books. This session covers how to revise and present your work to agents and publishers.

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  • Video 1: Ideas (Handout)

    Corresponding Handout for Video 1: Ideas

  • 16.93 KB
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  • Video 2: Plot and Organization (Handout)

    Corresponding Handout for Video 2: Plot and Organization

  • 25.6 KB
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  • Video 3: Character and Viewpoint (Handout)

    Correponding Handout for Video 3: Character and Viewpoint

  • 22.02 KB
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  • Video 4: Voice and Word Choice (Handout)

    Correponding Handout for Video 4: Voice and Word Choice

  • 16 KB
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  • Video 5: Dialogue and Description (Handout)

    Correponding Handout for Video 5: Dialogue and Description

  • 14.47 KB
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  • Video 6: The Road to Publication (Handout)

    Correponding Handout for Video 6: The Road to Publication

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  • About the Course Instructor

    Michelle Stimpson, M.Ed., is a national bestselling, multi-published novelist. As a writer and an educator, Michelle is uniquely positioned to practice what she teaches. Learn more about Michelle at her website.