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How to Improve Your Price and Profitability

Author: Dino Eliadis

Category: Online Business Training > Management

Pricing is one of those aspects of a business that can cause business owners fits! However, it is also a strategy that can be easily applied to quickly impact a business’ top-line and bottom-line. Fear of losing business is the most common reason business owners don’t use this strategy. But...

Keywords: business, Management, Pricing, finance, small business

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Table of Contents:

•Understand what a pricing strategy is and how it relates to profitability.
•Define the components that make up a price.
•Understand the pricing development process.
•Use the pricing development process to create your own pricing.
•Understand how pricing components relate to your marketing & sales plan.

Included Modules:
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    How to Improve Your Pricing and Profitability Video Increase your profitability by using this training to learn how to assess and set each component in your pricing strategy properly. In this workshop you will get what you need to set the right pricing for your product and/or service to maximize your profitability.

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