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Write Better Email Master Course: Learn How To Save Time, Frustration, and Get the Results You Want Course

Author: Lion's Share Online, LLC

Category: Online Business Training > Soft Skills

In this course, your users will learn how to write business emails more effectively and save up to an hour a day at work. Your organization's productivity will soar with fewer back-and-forth email exchanges and email chains. Through hands-on exercises and quizzes, users will understand the princi...

Keywords: email, email writing, business, business writing, communication skills, computer skills, soft skills, productivity, time savers, saving time

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Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
A. The Problem With Email
B. What Can Be Done
C. The Devil's in the Details
D. True Communication
E. Course Objectives

II. Lesson 1: The Best Uses for Email in an Organization
A. To Make Sure Everyone Is Informed
B. To Make a Routine Request
C. To Answer a Question
D. To Document an Interaction
E. Email for People Separated by Time and Distance?
F. Poor Uses of Email

III. Lesson 2: Identify an Effective Email
A. What Gets an Email Noticed Promptly?
B. What Gets an Email Opened Promptly?
C. What Gets an Email Read Promptly?
D. What gets an email acted upon promptly?

IV. Lesson 3: Learn How To Write an Effective Email
A. Subject Line Strategies
B. What Gets an Email Opened?
C. What Gets an Email Read?
D. What Gets an Email Acted Upon?

VI. Closing Thoughts
A. Effective Email Gets the Results You Want
B. Has True Communication Taken Place?
C. Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Recipient
D. Attention to Detail
E. References

Included Modules:
  • 97308

    Write Better Email Master Course: Learn How To Save Time, Frustration, and Get the Results You Want

  • Icon-pdf
  • Audience Analysis Worksheet

    A fillable pdf that will enable you to analyze any email audience so you can write a more effective email to them.

  • 219.23 KB