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Author: ERS Advisors
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Home - Marketplace - Business - Sourcing and Procurement - Win More Government Contracts and Spend Less Money Doing It
Win More Government Contracts and Spend Less Money Doing It 
Author: ERS Advisors
Category: Online Business Training > Sourcing and Procurement
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Keywords: Bid pipeline management system, business acquisition training and execut

Getting new business isn't the job of only a few in the company.  All staff can play a role in winning new work. 
Our 3 hour online training -- "Win More Government Contracts and Spend Less Money Doing It" -- is appropriate for all levels of the organization.

  • Staff newer to business development will be better prepared to compete
  • Veteran marketers and managers will see new ways to tighten up corporate BD approaches

The training is based on our Bid Decision Framework, a trademarked approach to staging bid pursuits so that management gets the right competitive information in time to make informed bid - no bid decisions.

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